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Sejal Kumar Gets Candid As She Hits 1M on YouTube!

Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is a name well-recognized in the pool of YouTubers today. What catches the eye is the simplicity of her personality that comes off through her social media presence. Constantly experimenting with her creative side, Sejal in a candid conversation with Smriti Raizada talks about her calling in a parallel world and how she deals with negativity on the internet.

Ex: Hi Sejal, first things first, congratulations on hitting a million subscribers on Youtube! It’s been quite a journey, how have things changed from your first video, ‘Summer Style, Live from Turkey’ to your latest, #1MillionWeek videos?
SK: Not a lot has changed. I am still struggling to get video ideas every week, I am still doubting myself, sometimes I am sure of myself but I always try to better myself from the last video. But in terms of logistics, that’s become much easier. I have people to help me out now, there is more budget to spend on my props, clothes.

Ex: Your growth in the blogosphere has been an inspiration to many. What advice would you give to the newbie YouTubers?
SK: If you want to start a new channel or a blog, make sure you really like the work. Don’t start because of peripheral reasons like popularity or CV. Otherwise it’s not sustainable.

Ex: Who’s your Fashion icon and has she/he shaped the way you look at fashion now?
SK: There are many actually, not just one. I really like Gigi Hadid’s style. Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra are also in my top list of people I follow and check out what they wear. I follow a lot of my fellow YouTubers too. I’ve become more experimental with what I choose to wear now, looking at all of these people.

Ex: Influencers are subject to long hours in search of constant inspiration and ideas. How does this affect your mental well-being and what do you do to cope?
SK: When I am overworked or constantly seeking validation, it does affect my mental well-being negatively. I get into a zone and I can’t help feeling low sometimes, especially when you’re literally working for people’s opinion on what to do. I do try to not take it too seriously, I try to take it as feedback about my work and my personality on the internet, my “image”; instead of someone attacking me personally. Also, in general, if someone is saying something nasty about me that I don’t like, I just try to shut it out.

Ex: Does money play a vital role while someone is considering to start their own blog?
SK: Not exactly. There are so many creative videos that can push you to create your own video. You just have to do your research, material for which is readily available now days and work around it. So, not really, you just have to be creative.

Ex: Do you think there’s a space in the Fashion Industry that is yet to be explored?
SK: I think a little more for people who don’t have a lot of money. High fashion is something that’s not achievable or something that gives the vibe of luxury fashion. It’s not like that for most of the people in the country, so maybe something that someone from a smaller city can easily pull off.

Ex: Do you worry about competition? How hard is it to sustain in this domain with new YouTube channels being launched everyday?
SK: I do worry about competition but with time, I’ve become better at shielding myself from letting it get to me. Honestly, it’s really strange but I am trying to grow as a person as I am growing up on the Internet. I am trying to be more sure of what I do and I think that’s a process every human being goes through in different phases of life. 

Ex: All creative thinkers run into a creative block every now and then. What’s your strategy when it comes to content creation?
I run into a creative block pretty much all the time, which is perfectly normal because we have to come with so many ideas, literally one idea per day which is supposed to be good. So, I try and go through comments that viewers leave or do something monotonous like reading emails and then I make notes about my thoughts. I go to a nice environment, like a coffee shop where there are people doing creative things and a bunch of cool stuff.

Ex: We’ve noticed that your personal life by default becomes a base for a lot of your videos; it’s like an open book for your audiences. Do you not worry about negative speculation?
SK: I try and be as real as possible with my family and friends and I do a lot of it because it’s fun content to create for me. Also, people like to see how you are with people you actually know, so that’s also a fun angle to it. Now, I have done this series with my mom and a lot of people see both of us together in a way that we are two characters in a series, so that’s how I look at it. If someone tells me that I don’t have a good relationship with my mom, I’m just like maybe it doesn’t come across the way it actually is. So, that’s fun, I don’t take it too seriously.

Ex: Lastly, you have a lot of heart felt music covers and dance routines on your channel apart from your take on Fashion! What would be Sejal Kumar’s calling in a parallel universe?
SK: Haha oh my god, I have no idea! I feel like I am already pursuing my calling. I do everything that I like to do on my YouTube channel. But maybe, just live in a cottage in the mountains and be on my own and not worry about what people are saying.


  1. 90s Grunge or 60s Glam:
    90s Grunge
  2. Your Last Google search:
    This jewelry brand because I’m trying to figure what to wear to an upcoming event!
  3. Makeup or no makeup:
    No makeup
  4. Your go-to brand:
  5. Online shopping or storefronts:
    Online shopping
  6. Favourite holiday spot:
    My room!
  7. Adventure travel or relaxing getaway:
    Relaxing getaway, I’m a lazy person
  8. Tech Essentials:
    Laptop, Phone, Earphones
  9. Favourite Editing Tools:
    Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Sketchbook Pro 
  10.  Instagram vs YouTube:
  11. Describe yourself in one sentence/phrase:
    Not A Category

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