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Meme-orable Winks – 7 Movie Characters That Broke the Internet

7 Movie Characters That Broke the Internet

With the rise of social media, memes have become an integral part of daily life for young people. Cinema is the most popular medium for making memes, while memes are the easiest way to reach a broad audience. They have the power to make your content go viral, with just one share being enough to change the game. Despite their mixed reputation, memes are undeniably effective in capturing people’s attention. Over the years, many popular meme characters have come and gone, but some remain as popular as ever. Let’s look at some of the most loved characters in the meme world and have a good laugh.

Calvin Candie (Django Unchained)

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Tarantino’s Django Unchained is packed with thrilling gunfights and memorable dialogues with breakout performances from the actors that starred in the film, but the one that stayed with us for a long time was Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Calvin Candie which blends pure malice with the genteel manners of a southern aristocrat.

Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

Christian Bale ignites the screen in American Psycho with a volatile brilliance, channelling the unhinged psyche of Patrick Bateman. His performance crackles with barely contained homicidal fervour, imprinting Bateman’s twisted persona onto the collective consciousness. Bateman’s peculiar brand of madness finds resonance in the world of memes, especially his “ooh” face.


Rick Dalton (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

Rick Dalton, a character from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, portrayed by the illustrious Leonardo DiCaprio, captures our attention in a whimsical moment. With a sudden burst of energy, he points fervently at the TV screen, heralding his upcoming scene. This scene, ripe with comedic charm, became the perfect fodder for internet culture as users seized upon it to craft humorous memes encapsulating shared moments of recognition and amusement.


Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

As Jay Gatsby graces the screen for the first time in “The Great Gatsby” movie, fireworks illuminate the sky, while Gatsby, with a mischievous grin, raises a glass in a toast. Leonardo DiCaprio’s charismatic portrayal transforms this outrageous scene into a viral sensation, sparking online celebrations across the globe.


Mr Incredible (The Incredibles)

Pixar’s masterpiece, The Incredibles, stands as both a poignant deconstruction of superhero sagas and an enchanting family adventure. A timeless classic, it remains unmatched by its sequel a decade later. At its heart lies the magnetic presence of Bob Parr, alias Mr. Incredible, whose down-to-earth charisma captivates audiences.

Memes abound, celebrating his quintessential “dad energy,” immortalising iconic lines like “Math is math!” Yet, a new trend emerges, depicting Mr. Incredible with startling realism and depth. These memes, proliferating across the internet, serve as a vehicle to differentiate reactions such as “People Who Don’t Know vs. People Who Know.”


Raju (Hera Pheri Franchise)

Played by the actor Akshay Kumar, Raju’s antics and quirky expressions have inspired countless memes. His hilarious dialogues and memorable scenes have found a permanent place in internet humour, transcending the boundaries of cinema. Raju’s comedic timing and endearing persona have cemented his status as a timeless meme legend, beloved by netizens worldwide.


Uday Shetty (Welcome)

Uday Shetty, the boisterous and unforgettable character from the comedy film “Welcome,” has left an indelible mark on meme culture. Played with infectious energy by actor Nana Patekar, Uday’s eccentric mannerisms and quotable lines have sparked a wave of internet humour. His larger-than-life persona continues to inspire laughter and creativity, making him a cherished icon in online comedy.

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