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The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer builds a colorful world

There’s always skepticism when it comes to major Hollywood studios jumping on the video game bandwagon. Films based on popular video games have been less than impressive in the past, 2022’s Uncharted was a good example of the same. On the other hand, there also has been Sonic The Hedgehog films that successfully managed to grab the essence of the blue speedster. Now, Nintendo and Illumination have launched the full trailer for their upcoming The Mario Bros Movie which looks like another step in the right direction. Check out the trailer – HERE

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer launched

While the first teaser was just a mere introduction to the film’s villain, Bowser, and a little glimpse of Mario, the second trailer is a full-fledged look at what’s waiting in store for fans. The bigger idea of the movie’s plot revolves around Bowser’s quest to conquer the world while Princess Peach tries to stop him. By the looks of it, protagonist Mario is still finding his footing as a hero. He gets beat up by Donkey Kong, attacked by Cheep Cheeps, and even fails to land a simple platform while karting.

The trailer is full of fan service. However, one interesting aspect of the film is the character development of Princess Peach from a damsel in distress to a butt-kicking savior. Making Peach an active part of the narrative is surely a welcoming change. The trailer successfully manages to integrate parts of the existing Mario games. Yoshi Island, the original Donkey Kong game and Karting on the Rainbow Road are all present in the trailer making it the perfect gift for Mario fans! While Chris Pratt’s voice as the iconic character was a matter of concern for hardcore fans when it was initially announced, the actor seems to have done a pretty good job!

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