Wakefit launched India’s first AI-driven sleep solutions
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Wakefit launched India’s first AI-driven sleep solutions Regul8 and Track8

Wakefit Regul8

Wakefit.co, a pioneering force in sleep and home solutions, recently unveiled its latest innovation – the Wakefit Zense range, heralding India’s first AI-driven sleep solutions. This groundbreaking lineup includes two cutting-edge products, Regul8 and Track8, designed to elevate sleep quality and tracking to new heights.

Regul8 – Personalized Temperature Mastery

Regul8, a state-of-the-art mattress temperature controller, empowers users to manually fine-tune their sleep environment between 15°C and 40°C or choose from five presets – Neutral, Cold, Warm, Ice, and Fire. This ingenious device allows each side of the bed to be set independently, ensuring that both partners can enjoy their ideal sleeping temperature without compromise. What sets Regul8 apart is its smart sleep control feature, which dynamically adjusts temperatures based on sleep duration and the latest research insights. Plus, it’s impressively energy-efficient, boasting 60% greater efficiency than a typical 1.5-ton air conditioner.

Track8 – The Future of Sleep Tracking

Wakefit Track8

Track8 revolutionises sleep tracking with its non-wearable, contactless technology. Simply place the discreet sensor sheet under the mattress, and it delivers a thorough analysis of your sleep patterns. With dual sensors, partners can monitor their sleep independently. Integrated with advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, Track8 provides detailed reports on sleep stages, respiratory rate, snoring, movement, and overall sleep quality, culminating in an aggregated sleep score. All data from these devices can be accessed via the companion app, Wakefit Zense, making it easier than ever to monitor and enhance your sleep experience.

Visionary Leadership and Innovative Solutions

Ankit Garg, CEO and Co-founder of Wakefit.co, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “With the Zense range, we are venturing into uncharted territory with AI-powered sleep solutions, addressing the chronic sleep deficit highlighted by our Great Indian Sleep Scorecard (GISS). We believe these innovations will markedly improve sleep quality across the nation.”

Pre-Booking and Pricing


The Wakefit Zense range is currently available for pre-booking at a nominal fee of ₹499 per product or ₹899 for both. The full payment is required only once the devices are ready for shipment. Track8 is priced at ₹10,499, and Regul8 at ₹44,999. Although a launch date for the devices has not been set, the anticipation is building.

Global Context

While this technology is a novelty in India, it has international precedents. American company Eight Sleep was the pioneer with its smart mattresses and mattress covers, known as “Pods,” capable of both temperature regulation and sleep tracking. Initially launched in the US, Eight Sleep has since expanded to parts of Europe. In summary, Wakefit.co’s new Zense range promises to transform the way India sleeps, combining advanced AI with user-friendly features to deliver unparalleled sleep quality and tracking.

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