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Women, Women, & Women!

We’re in a month that celebrates women’s milestones and their extraordinary roles in all spheres of society. However, women’s history month holds a more profound significance than just the bells and whistles we see on social media through various trends and hashtags. It is not just an opportunity for men to appreciate women but also the society as a whole to address the issues women face on a daily basis and still excel.

Women are indeed achievers, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and multi-taskers. Over the years, women have made significant progress in breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles in various fields. They have demonstrated their ability to lead and succeed in areas previously dominated by men. Women have made remarkable progress in various spheres of life over the past few decades, and their contributions to society are becoming increasingly recognized and valued.

Women are also excellent multi-taskers, balancing their work, family, and social lives with great skill and efficiency. They’re known for their ability to handle many responsibilities simultaneously and still achieve their goals. Women have shown that they can excel in various fields and are capable of achieving great things when given the opportunity. Their contributions to society are invaluable, and we should continue to support and empower women to achieve their full potential. 

Women Entrepreneurs in India: 

India has seen a jump in the number of women entrepreneurs in recent years. Women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and challenging societal norms to create successful businesses across various industries. They are inspiring other women to take the leap and become entrepreneurs themselves. 

However, women entrepreneurs still face significant challenges, such as gender biases, lack of access to capital, and limited networking opportunities. Efforts are being made to create an environment that supports and encourages women entrepreneurs, including mentorship programs, financial incentives, and policy initiatives.

Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India:

Missing Role Models: There is a lack of female role models in the business world, which can make it difficult for women to envision themselves as entrepreneurs.

Social Responsibilities: Women entrepreneurs in India often face the dual burden of running a business and fulfilling their social and familial responsibilities.

Industry Restrictions: Certain industries are more male-dominated than others, making it difficult for women to enter and succeed in these sectors.

Education: A lack of access to education and vocational training can hinder women from developing the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs.

Ways To Help Women Overcome Barriers:

Access to Capital: Providing access to capital through government schemes or private organizations can help women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Mentorship and Networking: Connecting women entrepreneurs with successful businesswomen can provide them with guidance, advice, and networking opportunities.

Skill Development and Training: Providing education and training programs tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs can help them develop the necessary skills to succeed in their businesses.

Policy Changes: Changing policies to promote gender equality, such as promoting property ownership for women or offering tax incentives to women-led businesses, can help address some of the barriers faced by women entrepreneurs.

Awareness and Advocacy: Raising awareness about the challenges women entrepreneurs face and advocating for their rights and opportunities can help create a more supportive environment for female entrepreneurship in India.

Women are mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends, but they are also so much more than that. They are innovators, leaders, and change-makers who have made immeasurable contributions to every aspect of society. From the arts to the sciences, from politics to business, women have broken barriers and shattered glass ceilings, proving time and time again that they are just as capable as their male counterparts.


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So today, let us celebrate the incredible strength, resilience, and determination of women everywhere. Let us honour their sacrifices and continue to make them, and pledge to support and uplift them in every way possible. Because when women are given the freedom and opportunities to succeed, we all benefit. Here is Exhibit’s special women’s edition where we celebrate the backbone of our society – WOMEN!

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