Best thriller movies on OTT platforms to stream now

Best Thriller Movies to Stream on OTT Platforms, From Prime to Netflix

Best Thriller Movies to Stream on OTT Platforms, From Prime to Netflix

Thriller is one of the most interesting genres in the film industry. It maintains suspense, is unpredictable, and attempts to play with your mind. The curated list of films is a masterclass in storytelling designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether it’s psychological manipulation or eerie mysteries, thrillers are where you find a dose of danger. Here, a threat lurks, and nothing is ever quite as it seems. These films are available to stream on platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.

Let’s go on a cinematic journey together with these thriller movies

Oldboy (2003, 2 hours)

Director: Park Chan-Wook

Oldboy is a mind-bending film that strips the human heart bare (according to film critic Roger Ebert). After being imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su, brilliantly portrayed by Choi Min-Sik, seeks revenge against his captor. His journey towards this unveils his past and how his actions have had some grave consequences. The plot twists are guaranteed to make your jaw drop to the floor. An American remake was released in 2013, and surprisingly, a Hindi one named Zinda. The influence of this film reaches the sky.

Available on Prime Video.

The Platform (2019, 1 hour 34 minutes)

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

While this dables more in the science fiction horror genre, The Platform is a thriller because of the social commentary it embeds into its storyline. The film follows Goreng who wakes up in a tower-like holding facility, dubbed “the pit.” We quickly learn what happens in the pit, with its complex rules and even worse structure. However, the reason why everyone is in this facility remains a huge mystery until it all clicks together. It is a brilliant commentary on social class, blended with brutality and science fiction.

Available on Netflix.

Forgotten (2017, 1 hour 49 minutes)

Director: Jang Hang-jun

This South Korean thriller is yet another masterpiece and a hidden gem I personally recommend. Forgotten is exactly how a thriller should be – unpredictable. It follows a family moving into their new house and the two brothers, played by Kang Ha-neul and Kim Mu-yeol, are supportive and have a close bond. However, one night changes their dynamic entirely. The events unfolded after that point are mind-blowing yet slightly devastating. Who can the brother trust now?

Find out by watching on Netflix.

Darlings (2022, 2 hours 14 minutes)

Director: Jasmeet K. Reen (Directorial Debut)

This thriller blends dark comedy into a revenge story perfectly. Darlings is a story of a wife Badrunissa “Badru” Ansari–Sheikh, played by Alia Bhatt, plotting revenge against her abusive husband. It is an articulate commentary on the lives of wives under abusive marriages. While it is an unrealistic depiction of what a domestic abuse victim can do, it can be cathartic for those who have survived or endured the same. Bhatt and her on-screen mother, Shefali Shah, have incredible chemistry as a daughter-mother duo who are risking their lives to teach an abuser a lesson. It is an underrated watch that you will certainly enjoy.

Watch now on Netflix.

Seven (1995, 2 hours 7 minutes)

Director: David Fincher

Inspired by the seven deadly sins, Seven or Se7en, is a thrilling and horrifying film with brilliant performances and plot twists that make it a classic. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play detective partners chasing after a serial killer whose murders are motivated by the seven deadly sins. The grotesque scenes are almost worth turning the TV off but trust me, you will want to wait for the whole ride. It is certainly one of the best serial killer movies out there, and remains the must-watch on everyone’s list.

Watch now on Netflix.

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