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Apple Appears on TikTok | Lockdown Boredom or Competition?

apple appear on tiktok

This could be a classic case of boredom considering the current lockdown situation in the whole world, but Apple has officially opened a TikTok account. 

It seems like the premium smartphone manufacturer could not keep itself from being far away from all social media platforms and hence joined one of the most popular social media platforms. TikTok has not only been doing well in China (it’s home country) but also in other countries like India where it has amassed millions of users and is enjoying unparalleled popularity. 

While Apple is yet to post any content on its official TikTok id, we speculate it is most likely to be for advertising, just like it uses Instagram for. TikTok is slowly but steadily claiming the social space and has already put the likes of apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp on a question. The iPhone/iPad maker is another joined to its user database. 

The official Apple id in question is quite blank as of now and the number of followers is currently at 5562 at the time of writing. Not only this, but Apple has also received the verified badge which can be identified by the blue tick mark on the side of its username and hence confirming of its official involvement. Apple will most likely use this TikTok id to connect with its users and also share its updates with the community, just like it does with Instagram where it is very active and Apple also shares a lot of images, competition updates and it’s Shot on iPhone’ series.

It would not be very wrong to say that Apple could not post any content on the TikTok profile at all, just like its Twitter account which has a total of 4.2 million but the company has never tweeted. So what comes at the end of the spectrum is yet to be seen.

TikTok has been under a lot of heat recently, both for good and bad reasons. While TikTok’s global user database is growing like a balloon which won’t burst, the social media platform has also been under the radar for various misleading content, rabble-rousing that has been specifically targetted at communities and certain situations; especially here in India. YouTube is already out with it’s ‘Shorts’ platform, which is expected to compete with TikTok. 

Either way, it is interesting to see the American smartphone maker join TikTok and how they would go about with it. If you are interested in following Apple, you might as well click on this link.


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