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Cyberattacks are Increasing: State of the Cybersecurity Report


Cybersecurity is a concern that is booming like the Indian stock market. Why? Read the latest State of Cybersecurity Report by ISACA and HCL Technologies. Well, if you are not interested in going through technical terminologies, Exhibit is always there to let you get the crisp details from every tech and lifestyle-based news. And, it will do the same today with this latest news. To know more about cyberattacks, read this piece

The World is Not Digitally Safe 

COVID-19 pandemic pushed you and me to tap those untapped and underutilized horizons by letting us go digital. With the expansion in the digital ecosystem, digital cyberattacks showcased the surge they can present. But you must not forget the dialogue from the movie “Spiderman” – “With great power comes great responsibility.” However, the time is organic and lets you and I change with it. Hence, I would like to modify this dialogue with this – “With great power comes unscrupulous vulnerabilities.” And, it is so true considering the case of digital attacks. Why? Let’s get deep insights related to the report.

Attacks That Harms the Most

To frame every crucial instance in this report, both the organizations surveyed around 3600 industrial professionals.

  • 62% of the respondents reported a cybersecurity attack.
  • Ransomware is one of the top three methodologies used by attackers. 
  • 40% of professionals surveyed to formulate this report said that their organization uses either third-party or in-house threat intelligence.
  • The banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector wants to increase its budget by 55%, especially the domain specifically related to cybersecurity. This increment is by 49% in the medical field, 50% in energy, and 51% in the manufacturing sector. 

It’s Not Always Dark Clouds

The latest report presented by HCL and ISACA is about the state, but not on events only related to cyberattacks. The report also projected the idea and best practices of how some of the organizations are deterring such events. Around 78% of them said that their training in the cybersecurity domain created a positive impact. In addition to this, cloud migration is one of the most effective solutions preferred by 1/3rd of the organizations to secure the data. Apart from this, 65% of the organizations are constantly assessing the maturity profile of their cybersecurity solutions. 


Cybersecurity and cyberattacks are no less than two coterminous words. You expand your horizon to reduce the impact of cyberattacks. Considering the efforts some organizations are making to give a safer digital ecosystem to each of us, it is also important to work on making even the single threat ineffective. To follow other articles on cybersecurity, click on this link

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