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HMD is prepared to enter the smartphone market independently

HMD Global is planning to enter the smartphone market with its own independent line of smartphones. The Finnish company has been launching smartphones under the Nokia brand for the past six years. Jean-Francois Baril, the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of HMD Global, recently announced on their LinkedIn page that HMD-branded devices will be introduced alongside the Nokia devices.

The Co-founder has articulated in an extensive statement that HMD has successfully established its independent Research and Development, software development, distribution, and operational infrastructures. Furthermore, he underscored HMD Global’s standing as the preeminent 5G smartphone manufacturer, demonstrating remarkable year-over-year growth. Additionally, the company has earned acclaim for its commitment to sustainability by introducing repairable Nokia devices within the past twelve months.

Presently, HMD enjoys the distinction of being acknowledged as the swiftest expanding 5G smartphone manufacturer, boasting a diverse array of products tailored for individuals seeking respite from the digital realm. Obviously, HMD appears to be meticulously preparing for the post-expiration phase of its licensing agreement with Nokia. It is worth noting that this agreement, originally inked in 2016, is slated to conclude in 2026, a mere two years and a few months hence.

Furthermore, there exists the potentiality of Nokia seeking to continue the licensing of its esteemed phone brand to an alternative manufacturer, thus prompting HMD to proactively position itself accordingly. The smartphone landscape is poised to welcome a fresh contender. It remains a subject of keen anticipation to discern the strategic direction that HMD will undertake. Will the company adhere to its prevailing approach, characterised by a broad spectrum of devices emphasising sustainability and affordability, or shall we witness the emergence of a competitive offering as well?

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