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Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Post Through Desktop

Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Post Through Desktop

One of the most searched questions on the internet is can we post pictures on Instagram from the desktop? Earlier, we’re only authorised to view Instagram posts through a desktop website and used to get alternative options as an answer, where we could use third-party tools to create posts on desktops, but now, to do it directly, Instagram is testing on a long-requested functionality of publishing posts through desktop, and soon, we all could post pictures through the desktop as a post, with the help of plus icon.

The new trial feature for the desktop website was first spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra, who shared several screengrabs on his Twitter feed. The screengrabs manifest now we’re allowed to create more on Instagram through the desktop website. Unfortunately, the trial feature is not accessible for everyone, but Instagram could roll it out soon for all the users only if it works smoothly.

Alongside Matt Navarra, Facebook’s spokesperson Christine Pai has confirmed regarding the test in a statement, “We know that many people access Instagram from their computer, and to improve that experience, we’re now testing the ability to create a Feed post on Instagram with their desktop browser.”

The in-browser experience advances many of the same features which we see on a mobile app: a plus icon to upload a photo as a post, various filters, primary editing tools and an option to choose an aspect ratio where they can choose from Original, Square (1:1), Portrait (4:5), and Landscape (16:9). Along with an option to post pictures, users are also entitled to add a caption, location, tag people, and most of the advanced features like turning off comments, hiding likes-views and more. 

When it comes to posting a video through a desktop browser, the process is a little different, where users can select any specific frame from the desired video to put it as a cover or thumbnail. The new feature also offers an option for turning the sound off or on. Instagram has always been slow to implement features, especially on desktop, but the problem is solved now, and now we can post our favourite cat and food pictures on Instagram with the comfort of a desktop.

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