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WhatsApp to stop its functions in some iPhones. Check Details

WhatsApp, a popular messaging application from Meta, has decided to stop its functions on some iPhones. The last date till WhatsApp will work on iPhones is 24th Oct 2022. WhatsApp will withdraw its support from iOS 10 and iOS 11. To continue using WhatsApp, users will have to upgrade to a new phone or the current operating system.

A minimum of iOS 12 will be needed to use WhatsApp on iPhones. This is done to introduce new features to give the users a better experience, which may not work in the older operating systems. Updating to the more recent version of an operating system is essential because they generally provide the user with the most up-to-date software patches and security features.

iPhones that will be affected:
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C

As per a new report from WABetaInfo, Apple is notifying some iPhone customers that WhatsApp support is ending. Although WhatsApp plans to stop support for select iPhone models, that is not likely to have an effect on many customers. This is due to the fact that support for very old iPhone models, which are probably to be used by a small range of customers at this time, will be discontinued.

If you are using an iPhone, first make sure that the operating software on your phone is the latest one. To check this, go to the Settings menu > About > Software update to see if your iPhone is running the latest software.

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