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Did you know these 16 Interesting Facts about Twitter?

16 Interesting Facts about Twitter
  1. The iconic bird logo of the social media platform Twitter is named Larry as a tribute to NBA player Larry Bird, who played for the Boston Celtics, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s home-state team.

  2. In 2009, Evan Williams and Biz Stone were listed in Time’s 100 most influential people in the world, even before Jack Dorsey.

  3. As of January 2022, the most-liked tweet has over 7.2 million likes, and it was tweeted from the late American actor Chadwick Boseman’s account by his family, informing the world about his demise.

  4. Only the South Korean band BTS has more than three most-liked tweets in the top 30. The band has 21 tweets in the list of top 30 most-liked tweets.

  5. Twitter is blocked in China because Chinese authorities prefer their homegrown social networks as they can have complete control over them, which Twitter doesn’t permit. 

  6. Justin Bieber is the most followed celebrity on Twitter with over 114m followers, only behind former United States President Barack Obama.

  7. Twitter has enough money in the bank to survive approximately 412 years.

  8. The official Twitter account of @Sweden is given to a random Swedish citizen every week to manage with the expressed goal to manifest Swedish diversity and progressiveness.

  9. Twitter first made a profit in the fourth quarter of 2017, earning $91m (£65m).

  10. Out of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, over 391 million accounts have no followers at all.

  11. Taylor Swift is the most influential person on Twitter, followed by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Katy Perry.

  12. The Face with Tears of Joy emoji “😂” is the most popular emoji on Twitter.

  13. The hashtag was first brought to Twitter on 23rd August 2007. Chris Messina introduced it in order to filter the tweets and help the existing users connect with a particular theme.

  14. The Twitter logo consists of overlaying 15 different symmetrical circles, which signifies giving everyone a voice.

  15. Out of all the Americans on Twitter, 71% use the platform only to read the news, and 42% use the platform to discuss politics.

  16. The statistical data shows over 75% of emojis tweeted on Twitter are positive, and the number increases by about 2% during Friday and Saturday.

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