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Twitter ‘Communities’ Features Lets You Form Group: On Testing Mode


Twitter is all set to test out its new feature called Communities, which, as the name suggests, allow people with similar interests to connect and exchange conversations. 

This is somewhat a similar feature to Facebook Group, which lets people chat about specific topics and can be set to either public or private. 

Twitter explains through a blog post, that only members will be allowed to post and reply to conversations in communities, which is similar to what Facebook does. However, the difference between Facebook groups and Twitter communities is that the conversations in communities will be visible to everyone. That means everyone on Twitter will be able to read or even Quote Tweet posts from a Community even if they aren’t a member of it.

Twitter says users can also report a chat if it goes against Twitter’s rules. Each Community will also have moderators approved by Twitter. These moderators set the rules for the Community and can also invite others to join the chat. Twitter users will have to be invited through a direct message to join a Community. 

Twitter says that during the early stages of testing, Community communications will just be restricted to a handful of topics such as: dogs, weather, sneakers, skincare, and astrology. Twitter users will need to be invited by either moderators or existing members before they can join a certain Community, but Twitter says that it will open up more ways to join and recruit in the future.

Twitter doesn’t have a say yet on how many users will have access to Twitter Communities but it noted that a “limited group” of people in the US will be able to create these group chats. Anyone globally can receive an invite to a Community.

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