Aditya Roy Kapur Reigning His Way Forward
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Aditya Roy Kapur Reigning His Way Forward

He is an alchemy of talent, hard work, passion, and effortlessness. Aditya Roy Kapur started his career as a VJ was very content with his job, had no plans of getting into the movie industry, yet has earned all his praise as an actor of this generation. His 2013 musical romantic hit Aashiqui 2 proved that surely a star was born for which he garnered most of the acting awards. Aditya’s upcoming movie ‘Kalank’ with Dharma production promises nothing less than a spectacular experience for his viewers. And believe us, we cannot wait to see him on the big screen again. Aditya Roy Kapur on our April cover spilling the beans of stardom and more.

Ex: Congratulations and good luck with your upcoming movie Kalank. How does it feel when the movie is due to release in less than 2 weeks
ARK: Kalank will be in the theaters in 2 weeks and I cannot be more excited about it. I have prepared very hard for the role and cannot wait for the audience to give their love to this movie.

Ex: The cast in Kalank is quite a diverse one. What was your fondest memory from the sets of the movie?
ARK: I think we were a bunch who used to take our work very seriously. We used to go to set on time, give our shot and leave, we were damn boring that way.

Ex: Social media has become an inseparable part of an actor’s life. Was there any reason that you thought of before joining Instagram?
ARK: I am less on Instagram now, that I am on Instagram. I don’t spend so much of my time in it. It is a crazy place to be. It’s obviously nice to be in here but I like it best when I connect and disconnect to it automatically.

Ex: You are aware of the pros and cons of the social media world, how much does it affect you as an actor?
ARK: I don’t like to think so much about social media. I get to post a lot about my movies or projects and I appreciate the responses from my fans be it good or bad. 

Ex: Are you a fitness freak? What is your current fitness regime like
ARK: I won’t call myself a freak but yes I am very careful with what I am eating. The motto is to ‘shut your mouth’ (laughs) by that I mean you have to control your diet. The challenge is to consistency and discipline on your diet with an hour and a half workout every day is necessary. And I tend to follow it quite religiously.

Ex: The world is slowly progressing towards tech. How do you think technology has affected film-making in recent times?
ARK: Film-making and technology are intertwined. It has changed with the evolution of technology. We are being able to make films at huge scales more effectively with lesser time and budget. Filmmakers are able to fulfill their imagination, now you can say ‘if you can think it, you can make it’.

Ex: Do you think the days ahead are going to be technology dominated? What do you think?
ARK: If you look from outside technology has changed everything in the world. In the film industry from your cameras to special effects. Tech is going leaps and bounds improving every year. Technically our industry is at the best place it has ever been, our films are looking better than ever before. 

Ex: We know of your undying love for cars. If you had to drive down where would you go?
ARK: Yes I love cars and driving but Mumbai is not the best city for a drive in. But yes I took a road trip to the West coast of America, it was beautiful.

Ex: Are you into gaming?
ARK: Yes of course I am but not an addict. I own a PS4 and I absolutely enjoy it.

Ex: India is becoming a hub of startups. Have you ever considered investing or mentoring in any?
ARK: It is something that has a lot of potential to grow considering especially in India because of our youth with so much talent and a fresh mind. I would definitely consider investing in it.

Ex: What would be your piece of advice for struggling actors, who are still trying to make a mark?
ARK: Just keep giving your best and put out your best shoe forward. Sometimes just working hard and getting experience leads to one thing from another because after a certain point you can’t plan anything. It is very difficult to expect that you will get a perfect start or launch at the beginning of your career but you have got to push yourselves no matter how much failure pulls you down. 



  • A gadget you are currently in love with?
    Apple airpods
  • Whom do you stalk the most on Instagram?
    Everyone eventually
  • One fashion trend you follow religiously?
    I create my own trend
  • Your current celebrity crush?
    No one actually
  • If you had a superpower what would that be?
    I would love to fly or to teleport myself
  • A book that you want to read again?
  • The idea of a perfect vehicle?
    Something very light that can move around easily in the traffic
  • A rumor about you wished was true?
    That I was some Prince

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