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Akshay Kumar – The Ever Charged, Power Packed ‘Khiladi’

Akshay Kumar is a name that has been ruling the box office with every new project that he takes up. A common visitor of the 100 crore club, Akshay Kumar has had a trajectory of a winner from his first movie, Sugandh, to his latest hit, Good Newwz. With each movie, he gives his audience something to think about and view the world from a different perspective. His films like The Padman, or Toilet: Ek Prem Katha are a direct hit on people’s mentality and is helping change people’s mindsets and age old societal norms. A Padma Shri awardee, Akshay Kumar, in a free flowing conversation with Harsha Prerna, gives an insight about how he maintains his drool worthy physique, his upcoming projects and a lot of tech trivia, obviously!

Ex: We all know your hard line disciplines, in fact, we were waiting for a 6 A.M call time, & fortunately you gave us an extra 2 hours of sleep – What keeps you going every morning without hitting the snooze button?
AK: In all honesty, I don’t even have an alarm clock.I tell myself what time I need to wake up, I trust my instincts to the point that a Snooze Button has never existed in my life. Don’t ask me how?! I always thought it was because I looked forward to the day that’s why I’ve always been so eager to start it. I sleep, as much as I need it, kinda slows me down, there are so many tracks running through my head, I like to get up early so I can sort out everything that means something to me.

Ex: In your fitness regime, does fitness tracker or any other tech have a role to play?
Fortunately, enough for me, I like it old school, a blackboard full of reps & exercises, & a bit of chalk to tick them off along the way. I don’t want to be on my phone any more than I already am, I still want to be normal despite how much or how far technology has taken us. “Simple is as Simple does.”

Ex: Your social media following can easily form a country – Any experiences with trolls or anything wrong gone viral.
With Great Responsibility comes Great Trolling!” You can’t win them all, but I’m certainly not going to glorify them in a magazine. But as we’re on the subject I’d like to mention the incredible Fan following I have, & I’m not talking numbers, I’m talking Genuine Human Incredibleness. My fans aren’t just fans, they should be leaders in our society, they read to the elderly, help farmers, build toilets, encourage women’s self-defense, give out sanitary pads at schools, do charity, they spend time with homeless kids, organize blood donation camps, they even keep the local flower waala in business from all the garlands they make, every release I have, they are the kindest humanitarians in the World. They are literally stepping into every project I put my heart into, & they put their entire soul into it as well. They deserve so much in life for all they give, I will never stop giving my best for them!!

Ex: Tell us the secret multi-million dollar formula behind your movie selection which ultimately lands you with a pot of “Gold” leaving us entertained and socially awakened?
AK: I believe when a man or woman follow their heart, they can’t go wrong!It may not be perfect, it may not be everything you hoped, but the sheer fact that one does something with passion and with no other agenda like money, fame or fortune the chances of being content with yourself and choices are higher. Just the sheer reality of doing good, or showing a story that has never been told, changing lives of those you haven’t even met. Just the fact, that a subject touches me makes me think my fellow Indians would appreciate it as well and truly makes me grasp it tighter. It’s nerve-racking, especially in a country where commercial cinema works best, but sometimes it takes a leaping head first, over the fence of fear to become proud of one’s work. I love making comedies, but I’ve reached a point where I’d like to take movie making to the next social level. Not always just sometimes, because I say this as I’m filming Housefull 4, so for those that are worried, I still live for making people laugh.

Ex: One life turning event which changed your life?
AK: My first film changed my life, therefore, I was able to change my family’s and since childhood, that’s all I ever wanted to do. I wanted to give them all their heart desired. It may not be ground-breaking, I may not have saved World Hunger, but my family never went hungry again, & from there on, I’ve worked so hard so I can generate even more work for others so they can change their family’s lives as well. We get out of life what we put into it.  I’ve been blessed with a lot, but that came at its own cost, we all have the ability to change our stars, it’s up to us though, for no one else will ever do it for us.

Ex: Since you are known to churn out films after films, how do you think Tech has helped the film industry evolve?
Massively, in many ways! I remember the days when my manager would sit by his landline scheduling my dates making sure the 3 films I was shooting for that day shot according to plan. Mobiles have made us busier, Special Effects have made us look more impressive, monitors have made us more conscious, the days of the director asking the cameraman if the shot was good are sadly over, we now have an entire tech station judging whether we can move on or not. So much has evolved, we barely make posters anymore, we now promote our movies online, my industry grows in strength daily, and we just need to not become Robots pretending to be Humans only in films.

Ex: Do you remember the first piece of technology you ever bought and what had been your most treasured tech?
My very first Walkman was my pride & joy which went on running because of Eveready’s long-lasting batteries. That Walkman went everywhere with me, it gave me more pleasure than any technology of today, music makes the world go round, & I could handle any day long as I had my Walkman.

Ex: Tech you wish you had invented or would like to invent?
I want to make an at-home digital camera that detects cancer on the spot. One picture of each family member a week will save lives. So, no one will have to go through the agony I did, when I found out that we caught my Father’s cancer too late. Simple, easy, affordable and safe, that’s my tech dream!!

Ex: How do you associate yourself with Eveready other than being their Brand Ambassador?
I like to be involved with brands that either has a past, present or future connected with me. I can’t sell something I don’t believe in, wouldn’t swallow, use or want my children to have. Eveready batteries have especially been a part of my life since my childhood because in my day there were no chargers, life was incomplete without batteries.

Ex: We are excited and can’t wait for you to walk the Tech Fashion Tour powered by Eveready? What do you think of the amalgamation of Tech and fashion?
 I actually can’t wait to see this amalgamation in action!!


  • One thing that you just can’t stand:
  • Must have gadget that’s not your phone or laptop:
    My Portable Speaker.
  • Any unusual App which we can find in your phone:
    A plane landing game where I get to land all kinds of aircraft.
  • One gadget you can’t wait to get your hands on:
    A Helicopter.
  • Apart from you, what differentiates Bollywood from Hollywood:
  • Sports you play:
    Anything with a ball.
  • In cars do you like Sedan or SUV – Tell us the cars that you own and perhaps the jet or a seaplane you are planning to buy:
    I’m an SUV kinda guy, they are light & I can get around Bombay traffic swifter & cheaper. As for my sea plane I’m waiting to see how my next movie pans out, then we’ll see!

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