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Hrithik Roshan On His Love for Tech and his Undying Life Mantra

Take a Greek God and strip him of his immortality and superpowers. And what have you now is a mortal human being — Hrithik Roshan!
The moment he stepped into the industry, he literally set hearts on fire with his looks. Be it a movie promotion event or red carpet appearances, Hrithik always looks a class apart. Women want him. Men want to be like him. Kids look up to him. Its awe-inspiring to see the level of love and respect Hrithik has earned not just from his fans, but also from the whole film fraternity. Apart from giving stunning performances in super hit films like Agneepath, ZNMD, War, Hrithik has also proved his acting skills with unconventional films like Guzaarish,  Jodha Akbar, Super 30 and Kaabil. His work prowess speaks about his versatility as an actor, be it comedy, action or romance.
In a candid interview, Harsha Prerna attempted to cut down the chase while discovering the techie inside this desirable and drool-worthy masterpiece.

Ex: It’s your first with us, let’s start with your love for technology.
HR: Technology is here to make our lives easier, sometimes, unfortunately, it doesn’t. I think the world and all of us are more indebted and dependent now on technology. And, there are a variety of options out there. So, it’s very important for us to be able to look through the crowd of things out there and actually source out the stuff that’s most suitable for our individual lifestyles. I am very particular about this and I genuinely don’t have too much. I just have enough that makes my life easier. Because it’s very easy to get addicted to technology and keep getting the latest stuff.

Ex: Even social media is a big addiction these days, don’t you agree?
: Yes, that’s true. I don’t mind the addiction, but you have to be very careful because it can drive you a bit crazy. But if used properly, it can serve as a great tool.

Ex: We know you are into music in a big way and the world will follow your playlist if the tunes go public. We want to “exhibit” that playlist through us. Fill us in with what music is to your ears?
HR: Well, right now I am training very hard and when I am in the gym, I listen to the music that suites me and what really energizes me are these high octane background scores of movies. There is this one song I am currently in love with, it’s by Audio Machine and the album is called ‘Existence’. They have about some 21 tracks in that album. Also, there’s another song called ‘Remember I told you’ by Nick Jonas.
I am a person who can listen to classical Hindi as well as old Hindi songs while working out. The slower the music in my head, the faster I go. It’s almost like doing something in 500 frames. You take all that energy and just pace it out.

Ex: I am actually imagining you doing chest press on a slow number.
HR: (Laughs) Yes sometimes slow music can really make u focus. It is very powerful. Almost meditative…

Ex: You are the brand ambassador of Zebronics currently, whose philosophy resonates with yours “always ahead”.  Name some gadgets & tech you think keep you ahead in life?
: ‘Staying ahead’ to me means never running out of battery. And, for that I think the power bank is something, which is a ‘must’ in today’s time. Because more battery means more power and in turn staying ahead.

Ex: What was your first impression on Zebronics Products? What are your personal favorites from Zebronics Audio Series and why?
HR: I love the look and feel of all the Zebronics products. The products are very light; cleanly designed especially the headphones range. They are good looking, clean, strong, light and designed really well. You feel like you’re buying a good product. I think, the visual appeal is very important. The sensibility of technology is definitely at par with the best and I am very happy and excited to be associated with the brand.

Ex: What would be the Future of Technology? Would you invest in technology or any startup idea?
HR: The Future and scope of technology is limitless Virtual Reality I feel is going to be the future. About startups, personally I don’t have an idea, that’s not my background. But I am always looking for interesting, innovative and bright ideas. If I can back an idea, I would be very excited to do so, because it’s the idea I invest in. My most recent such investment is Curefit.

Ex: That’s great to hear that you are with us in supporting innovative ideas. Tell us more about ‘CureFit’?
CureFit is a Bangalore based startup and is all about wellness & lifestyle. Along with that, it has also got a fitness focus as well. So, I like that idea of being able to impart fitness online. It’s a one stop shop where you can find solutions for all the health and fitness needs. Whether it’s a mental health challenge or a diet issue, you will find everything under one roof.

Ex: Let’s be straight and honest, you have a physique to die for, and that is definitely a specimen of your love for fitness. In fact, you have also started your own line of fitness clothing.
HR: Yes, the physique is to die for and I am dying to get it back (laughs). About the fitness clothing line, apparel and footwear is one of the branches of HRX. It makes me really proud and humbled that people have responded to HRX so well. It has really empowered us to put more power behind the HRX movement. I call it a movement because its more than just a brand or a business. HRX is a way to enable and empower people to be the best version of themselves. I am very happy that HRX is slowly and steadily turning into one of the most incredible business opportunities for me as well; there is Myntra, CureFit and many more in the pipeline. It is slowly and steadily, spreading its wings.

Ex: When you are on the go, which is the most important gadget to you?
It’s the Zebronics Powerbank to stay in power all day.


  • Undying mantra of life:
    Be the very best version of myself.
  • Books that you can read again and again:
    Which has some kind of self learning like ‘Who moved my cheese’ and ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’.
  • Your very first gadget:
    The big bulky Walkman
  • Message for Zebronics fans:
    Keep listening to music, keep dancing and swaying to the tunes. It’s time to pump up that volume a little bit more with Zebronics.
  • One Quote that comes to your mind:
    Whether you think you can, whether you think you can’t, you’re right.

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