Propelling the Business Growth via Social Care Implementation

Propelling the Business Growth via Social Care Implementation

The world is shrinking with every passing year. With Internet penetrating every corner of the globe, people are now more connected than ever. To praise a product, service or brand or to vent out a negative experience, social media has now become the default go to medium for the masses. 

Brands do utilize social media to not only gain leads and track their mentions, but also to derive strategic insights that will help with more conversions. While a steady growth and lead acquisition is always paramount for the growth of a business, the thing that hurts brand the most is the delay in grievance redressal. Complaints, debates and controversial mentions about them are often viral-prone. Monitoring them on the social network is one thing, segregating them from the social posts into categories like language, geography, priority type, tenure of complaints, urgency etc. to provide a timely and professional empathetic resolution, is another. 

Businesses may have the optimum resources to resolve complains, that too within the stipulated deadline, but in the infinitely seeming Internet world, becoming aware of the customer’s problems within the socially accepted time frame can be more challenging than it seems to be. Empathetic customer care is about letting a customer know that his query/ her query, complaint is acknowledged followed by a speedy delivery of solution within the allocated time frame. 

So how do we achieve that? 

Social Care Implementation is a proactive approach to address consumer’s engagement, responses, feedbacks with a timely response, followed with an appropriate action and keeping a follow up to exceed the satisfaction benchmark of the consumer. Social listening may appear to resemble Social Care implementation but the intent and therefore, the impact of the two are different. Social listening certainly plays a crucial role in the whole process. On the other hand, social media monitoring is largely concerned about tracking the brand and competitor mentions, hashtags and industry trends etc. over a period. 

Sorting of social posts into complaints, feedbacks, and reviews is not only laborious but error prone. A silo structure of social listening, data processing and CRM software is a major hindrance too. The absence of a holistic view of customer’s case history with official complaints with respective answers from other customer-care agents is an obstacle that restricts efficient resolving of the problem. In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, providing a seamless customer care experience is not important. It is Imperative. As imperative as customer acquisition and retention. Therefore, speedy addressal to concerns is the need of the hour. 

ATCS’ innovative social care implementation method is highly customer-centric, tailored for specific industry with leading-edge automation, requiring human intervention at the escalation level where it is indeed needed. By fully integrating the social listening tool like Salesforce Social Studio, data processing and CRM capabilities, a highly efficient route can be road mapped which addresses the concern of the consumer within the set timeframe, thereby delivering an experience that increases the probability of retention, acquisition, positive brand mentions and effective management of crisis through PR. The process also yields insights that helps to keep an edge over the competitors. 

The age-old mantra of “Customer is the king” holds true across every business sector and steering the controversies of the brand to prevent further damage is important for brand loyalty. With innovation and cutting-edge technology, social care implementation can fuel a business’s growth to a whole new level.

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