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Eyes of Luxury – Introducing the Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition by Caviar

Caviar, the renowned Dubai-based luxury brand revered for its bespoke high-end creations, presents the Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition, known colloquially as the CVR Edition. Apple’s proclamation of the Vision Pro as a revolutionary “spatial computer” kindled Caviar’s ambition to transcend mere technological marvel and fashion a masterpiece of artistic design.

Drawing inspiration from the audaciously innovative flip-up glasses curated by Tom Ford and the avant-garde ski masks brought forth by Gucci, Caviar has breathed new life into the Apple Vision Pro headset, transforming it into an epitome of pioneering technology and exquisite style.

Embracing a sumptuous opulence, the Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition, accompanied by its protective mask, proudly dons an embellishment of no less than 1.5 kilograms of resplendent 18K gold. Additionally, the headband is meticulously handcrafted using the prestigious Connolly leather, an esteemed material favoured by both the British Royal Court and the revered Rolls-Royce, ensuring a superlative and indulgent experience for the fortunate possessor.

The original Apple Vision Pro, priced at $3,499 (approx. ₹2.9 lacs), integrates the remarkable EyeSight technology, which artfully conjures the illusion of transparency by exhibiting the wearer’s eyes when approached by another. However, acknowledging that not everyone revels in the exhibition of their gaze upon the device’s screen, Caviar introduces a privacy option for the CVR Edition. This ingenious feature empowers users to enshroud their eyes on the external display, giving them greater dominion over their privacy.

Regaling in the realm of pricing, the Vision Pro CVR Edition is expected to commence at an awe-inspiring $39,900 (approx. ₹33 lacs), a reflection of the exceptional artistry, luxurious materials, and limited availability bestowed upon this exclusive offering. Caviar’s intentions lie in releasing a mere 24 units of the Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition, heightening the anticipation surrounding its fall 2024 debut.

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