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Make a Digital Health Account: ABDM Launched

Digital Health

Since its launch, Ayushman Bharat Yojana has become a handy tool for those who cannot afford medical costs in India. India, a country preferred for medical tourism, is not a blessing for the deprived ones. However, Ayushman Bharat Yojana worked as solace for them. And, now this scheme is expanding its horizon by giving more comfort to your lifestyle. Today, working on the digital health front, Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) was launched on a pan-India level. Let’s take out more information on this latest development from this blog.  

Health is Digital

On this Independence Day, from the rampart of Red Fort, Hon’ble Prime Minister for a digital health mission. Till now, it has been working as a pilot project in several areas. But with today’s launch, now every one of us, including you and me, can avail of its services. It’s like creating a health account instead of a bank account. Once created, you will get a health ID or an index to tap different services, or regulatory authorities can track your health profile. With time, you will learn about the portal that will provide detailed information about what you can do with your health account that you have created on a specific portal. 

Impact of Digital Records

The concept of telemedicine has already arrived in the country. With the advent of CoWIN and Aarogya Setu, India created a resilient solution using which administration helped Indians to register and book their vaccination slot. And, now, with this development, a new chapter is getting added that enlarges the functionality of ICT tools in the healthcare sector. Imagine when a portal gets integrated with teleconsultation records, your medical reports and may give you alert messages related to the problems you are facing. According to Exhibit, if such a digital health portal combines AI and ML, it can create wonders. It is because you will get these alerts and prior information. Apart from this, Exhibit feels that if the concerned authority provides some Open API architecture, it will boost MedTech companies and wearable electronics firms to link users’ health profiles with their daily exercises and routines. 


Sitting on the bulk of such data will create privacy concerns. For this purpose, if the government tries to share data with private players or stakeholders who can create innovative solutions, it is necessary that they share only a specific portion. The government will also have to ensure that the framework and architecture are highly resilient and deterrent to cyber attacks in every shot. Otherwise, it will lead to data leakage in public forums. 

Final Remarks

There’s no doubt that India is taking a giant leap by driving itself towards a digital future. Having a digital ecosystem will ease so many medicare services for you. However, somewhere data security will always remain a concern for people like you and me. To follow other trending news on Exhibit, click on this link.

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