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Samsung Presented Bespoke Appliances powered by AI

Samsung Presented Bespoke Appliances powered by AI

Samsung recently held a showcase event at their BKC store in which they presented their Bespoke appliances that are powered by AI. These appliances offer a glimpse into the future of connected and sustainable homes. Samsung is aiming to provide customers with appliances that are so smart that they can exceed their expectations. The latest appliances from Samsung, equipped with Bespoke AI, can be easily managed using the SmartThings application, which is available on Samsung devices as well as other smartphones. This seamless connectivity provides customers with convenient home management with easy-to-access controls.

“We are introducing Bespoke AI, our next big innovation in home appliances which will ensure smarter living for Indian homes and reduce energy consumption, contributing to a greener planet. With our Bespoke AI-powered home appliances, consumers will be able to customise their choices, get easy controls for elders and kids, and get seamless diagnosis for their home appliances. With the transformative power of AI, we are confident that Bespoke AI will strengthen our leadership in the digital appliances market in India,” said JB Park, President & CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia.

Bespoke AI not only makes appliances smart but also helps increase their longevity and sustainability. With the SmartThings App, users can get notified when it is time to replace their refrigerator’s water filter or air conditioner’s filter. By introducing AI, Samsung aims to reduce the time required for managing these appliances.

“With AI, appliances can now be smarter, and help reduce users’ time and energy spent on home chores. Through enhanced connectivity and AI capabilities, these appliances take the consumer experience to the next level by revolutionizing the smart home experience. With AI appliances, our objective is to further strengthen our premium portfolio and increase our share in the premium appliances segment,” said Saurabh Baishakhia, Senior Director, Digital Appliances, Samsung India.

Samsung’s AI-powered Bespoke appliances, including Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave, and Washing Machine, are now available in India.

Refrigerator: The Samsung Refrigerator is equipped with an AI vision camera that can automatically recognize up to 33 food items initially, and more items will be added in the future. The number of items that the camera can identify will increase over time based on the user’s stored items. The refrigerator features a large touchscreen display that suggests recipes for lunch or dinner based on the food available.

With its smart food management system, users can easily track the expiry dates of specific food items in the refrigerator. Additionally, the single wide-angle camera offers a wider view, capturing not only the refrigerator shelves but also the door bins, providing a “View Inside” the refrigerator from anywhere at any time.

Air Conditioner: Samsung Air Conditioners allow users to remotely cool their homes using AI Geo fencing. The SmartThings application enables users to set commands, and when they are within a specified range or moving away from it, they will receive a notification to start or turn off their appliances. The range specified by Samsung is between 150 meters to 30 kilometers.

Microwave: One of the interesting features of Samsung Microwave is the ability to personalize diet recipes. The Bespoke AI can automatically customize the recipe to a ‘low-fat’ version, helping users to stay healthy.

Washing Machine: Samsung’s new Front Load Washing Machine comes with AI Control, which allows it to learn your laundry routines over time and adjust its wash cycles accordingly. The machine automatically adapts to your most frequently used wash settings, unless you choose to manually customize a different wash cycle. In addition, the AI Wash feature is able to detect the weight of your laundry, the type of fabrics, their softness, the soiling level, and the detergent level to create a personalized wash recipe.

Samsung is dedicated to delivering a superior home experience and is committed to developing products that can help build a better future for the environment and society at large. With SmartThings Energy, users can easily monitor and control the amount of energy consumed by their connected Samsung appliances. We are confident that this feature will prove to be a game-changer in the way people consume energy and contribute towards a greener future.

Samsung has developed an energy-saving method that uses AI algorithm based on usage patterns. This method, called AI Energy Mode, can provide up to 10% energy savings in refrigerators, up to 20% in air conditioners, and up to 70% in washing machines. In addition, Samsung’s Bespoke appliances are designed to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, a 5-star rated Samsung Refrigerator can reduce CO2 emissions by 359kg/year. When used with AI Energy Mode, the savings increase by 10%, resulting in a total reduction of CO2 emissions by 395kg/year.

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Bespoke appliances come equipped with the Samsung’s own Bixby AI Voice Assistant. Users can control their Family Hub refrigerator by simply saying “Hi Bixby! Show me what’s inside the refrigerator” or activate the WindFree mode in their air conditioner by saying “Hi Bixby! Turn on the WindFree mode”.

The appliances are equipped with a service named Smart Forward, which offers regular software updates that include AI features such as Home Care, ensuring that the devices remain secure and up-to-date. Samsung has not yet confirmed how long the software updates will be provided for in the future. However, SmartThings Home Care keeps a check on your appliances, alerts you if any abnormality arises, and suggests a solution, making maintenance easy. Moreover, you will receive a notification in case an accessory needs replacement, ensuring hassle-free operation of your devices.

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