Best Features of upcoming iOS 18
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Best Features of upcoming iOS 18

Apple’s WWDC event has begun, and they made some amazing announcements about the upcoming iOS 18. iOS 18 will focus on customization, aiming to give users more control over their devices and personalization options. Here are some of the best iPhone features we can expect on the upcoming iOS 18.

Everything you need to know about iOS 18

Customization Tools: Users can now organize their apps and widgets freely on the Home Screen, allowing for a completely customized layout. In addition, users can personalize the buttons displayed on the Lock Screen to suit their preferences.

Control Center Enhancements: In iOS 18, you can personalize the control center, which provides quick access to additional controls and the ability to customize the apps and widgets. Additionally, third-party apps can now be added to the control center.

Redesigned Photos App: The Photos app on the iPhone has undergone a significant redesign in its latest update. It introduces new ways to view and organize content, featuring new views and collections for easy access and management of your favourite items. Additionally, the iPhone can now predict, sort, and search for pictures accordingly.

Messages Over Satellite: While this feature is available to limited countries like USA. It seems to be a major update as the iPhone 14 & above get the ability to communicate via Messages app when cellular or Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, all through satellite.

Mail App Updates: The inbox is organized efficiently using on-device intelligence to categorize emails into different sections, making navigating and managing your email correspondence easier.

Text Effects in iMessage: iMessage now features all-new text effects that improve conversations by enhancing any letter, word, phrase, or emoji with dynamic, animated appearances. Users can better express tone by adding bold, underline, italics, and strikethrough formatting.

users can use Image Playground to quickly create fun images for their friends, and see personalised suggested concepts related to their conversations.

Image Playground: The upcoming iOS 18 release for iPhone introduces a new and innovative image creation feature. This feature can generate a diverse range of artistic styles, such as animations, illustrations, and sketches.

Genmoji: Genmoji in iOS 18 allows users to create custom emojis using artificial intelligence (AI). To use Genmoji, users need to type a description of the emoji they want to create, and the AI will generate a custom emoji based on that description. The AI uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to understand the context and create a relevant emoji.

AI: Lastly, the most awaited feature is coming to iOS 18, and Apple wants to call it Apple Intelligence, a new AI-powered system that enhances Siri’s capabilities, making it more intuitive and helpful. It will also perform functions within apps, such as managing notifications, generating text automatically, and summarizing content in emails and other apps. Given Apple’s focus on privacy, the company states that its AI features will be processed on-device to safeguard user information. However, users will require an A17 Pro or M-series chip to access these features.

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