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Ditch Your Smartphone For Summer – Digital Detox

It doesn’t matter if we’re sitting in a theatre watching a movie or travelling across the globe for an exotic vacation, the virtual world is always just a few clicks away. Our smartphones have become a constant companion helping us course through life by both stimulating and numbing our minds at the same time. I do not need to reiterate the fact that social media has become one of the prominent reasons why young adults feel anxious or depressed. Thus, there is no second-guessing the opinion that a digital detox is indeed required for people from time to time. 

Making time and space for a digital detox is important for not just young adults but people of all ages. Though it should be stressed that it is especially important for children and teens as their brains are still in the developmental stage. So, what exactly is a digital detox? 

Digital Detox – what is it?

Whether we like it or not, we’re spending a big chunk of our time in the day on the internet, and a big chunk of that time is spent doing rather unproductive things like scrolling through social media. A digital detox allows us to refrain from using electronic devices connected to the internet such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Additionally, a digital detox is an opportunity for people to reduce stress and focus more on their natural surroundings as opposed to their digital space. A digital detox also allows people to practice mindfulness and get physical exercise. 

So… why do it?

In the current age, it cannot be denied that digital devices have their own upsides. Your smartphone helps you navigate through life with ease of communication and other features. However, being hooked to your digital device and spending less time indulging in real-time activities can be extremely dangerous. We are already living in a period where taking out time for your loved ones has become a hassle due to busy schedules. Spending whatever free time we get hooked to our screens instead of with our loved ones also directly affects our relationships. 

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram while standing between your friends? If the answer is more than just once then you’re in need of a digital detox. The next time you’re out for a vacation, try to minimize your dependence on social media and technology. You can post your vacation pictures AFTER you’ve come back from it.

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