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Drones Rules 2021: Reviewing Modern-Age Entity

drones rules

The usage of drones will increase for sure. And, India is adopting this new change. As of now, Exhibit has discussed the defence prospects of drones. But, with the new Liberalised Drone Rules, 2021, Exhibit will set up a new agenda for you with this blog. Through this write-up, you will get to know more about the newly formulated regulations related to UAVs. In addition to this, Exhibit will lay down its review on this executive order passed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Let’s get started! 

Why has the concerned ministry brought such rules?

If you want to operate drones for any specific purpose in India, you need to have permission for it. And, for this purpose, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) becomes important. Hence, if you are a collector who wants to do an aerial and unmanned survey of the district under your control, you cannot simply procure a UAV and start using it. With the new regulations, MoCA has tried to liberalize in terms of getting permission, registering your device with the nodal portal. 

Key Takeaways from Drones Rules, 2021 

  • The number of forms related to registration and other purposes got reduced to 5 from 25.
  • The quantum fee got delinked with the size of the UAV. Hence, a bigger or smaller drone will cost similar unless the functionality differs in any case.
  • The yellow zone near the airport got shrunk to 12 km from 45 km. It means if you are somewhere within a radius of 20 km from that place’s airport, you can fly the UAV without any hassle.
  • The mandate for remote pilots regarding micro and nano drones got scrapped.
  • No need for import clearance from DGCA, meaning you got relief on buying foreign UAVs.
  • Now, you can fly a drone up to 500 kg. 

All these regulations showcase that such steps will surely bolster the drone ecosystem flourish in the country soon.

Lacunae in the Picture

The Liberalized Drones Rules, 2021 has no doubt opened gates for many who want to enter this domain. However, MoCA should work closely with other ministries, especially the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to regulate its sale in the country. A nation like India can become vulnerable if such gadgets reach the hands of left-hand extremists in any way. For this purpose, nodal agencies should set up local centers or give power to the local administration. In addition to this, reducing the perimeter of flying a drone near the airport needs more cautious surveillance as it becomes necessary to keep track, considering the weight of drones has increased.


The Government at this stage has set up an easy policy for the people to get a conducive environment and harness drones as per their usage. Some clauses that have a word like non-commercial depicts prudence, but some remain unchecked. Drones can no doubt change this country’s economic and social realm, but it needs better regulation to keep things stable. If you want to check other defence blogs at the Exhibit platform, click here. For my other article, check out here.

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