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Empowering Creativity – Synology’s Data Management Solutions Attracted Eyeballs at Broadcast India 2023

Synology, a leading global provider of comprehensive IT solutions spanning edge, core, and cloud environments, showcased its extensive range of data management solutions designed for the media and entertainment industry at Broadcast India 2023, which took place from October 8th to 10th, 2023, at the Jasmine Hall, Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai.

These solutions cater to a diverse audience, including filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and those involved in visual effects and broadcasting. Synology’s storage solutions are founded on a seamless blend of human creativity and technological innovation, aiming to create a world where content creators can unleash their creativity without constraints.

Russell Chen, Synology’s Sales Manager for India, noted, “As the media and entertainment industries continue to thrive and evolve, their ever-increasing demands for large-volume data management, secure storage, and comprehensive solutions that enable seamless sharing with external partners are becoming more pronounced.” Furthermore, he added, “Over the last three years in India, Synology’s revenue share from the media and entertainment sector has increased from 10% to an impressive 20%-30% of our regional revenue. This substantial growth underscores our success in catering to the evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry.”

Synology is a trusted choice for renowned media companies like BBC Media Action in the UK and RUN Studio in the US, offering tailored, global-scale solutions to enhance creative workflows within the media and entertainment sector. The company also builds strong partnerships with its media and entertainment clients in India.

In India, Synology collaborates with esteemed photography professionals and the prestigious Pixel Village Academy in Pune, which utilizes Synology storage solutions for content creation, collaboration, and data protection. They emphasize the significance of data ownership and the importance of asset backups to their photography students. Additionally, a prominent animation studio in Bangalore, contributing significantly to the beloved LEGO movie production, relies on Synology as its primary storage solution provider, ensuring reliable and scalable data for their creative animation endeavours.

To serve these esteemed clients effectively, Synology offers customized storage management solutions, addressing their unique requirements and enabling them to break free from data limitations, ultimately unleashing their limitless creativity.

Comprehensive Media File Storage Ownership

The thriving media industry has an urgent need for efficient large-volume data storage management. Synology responds to this demand with petabyte-scale solutions that redefine storage, offering high density, exceptional scalability, and unparalleled high availability. These solutions are accessible through an intuitive and license-free portal, DiskStation Manager, ensuring comprehensive data integrity and protection capabilities for peace of mind.

Revolutionize Editing Efficiency and Facilitate Seamless Collaboration

Online editing is pivotal in the rapidly evolving media and entertainment sector. Synology introduces a new era of editing efficiency with high-speed online editing and all-flash storage solutions. Supporting network capacities of 10GbE, 25GbE, and more, Synology empowers industry professionals with seamless, lightning-fast capabilities, enhancing productivity.

Unlock Media File Sharing at Unprecedented Speeds

Post-production and design studios require seamless connectivity in a time of essential global collaboration. Synology unveils the Presto File Server, delivering unparalleled leaps in file transfer speeds. This innovative solution, leveraging Synology’s exclusive SITA technology, enables effortless media file sharing across borders, providing a remarkable 68-fold speed increase compared to traditional FTP and HTTP methods, revolutionizing cross-border collaboration.

Robust Backup and Archiving: Guarding Against Threats

Ransomware threats are a significant concern, particularly in the data-centric media and entertainment industry, where data is a paramount asset. Synology’s security solutions, including Secure SignIn and Security Advisor, play a crucial role in enabling customers to protect their valuable data. Synology’s consolidated backup and instant recovery solutions running on Synology NAS safeguard digital assets through comprehensive file and block-level backups, near-instant data protection with snapshots, and optimized storage efficiency with Synology’s advanced deduplication technology.

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