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Incognito Tabs: More Security With New Google Update

Incognito Tabs

Incognito tabs. These are no less than relief for many who don’t want to share their history with anyone. These modes get preference by those who don’t Google Chrome to remember their password and leak it in case of a hacker entering the system. In a nutshell, it is like a safe haven about which you have read in economics that helps to reduce taxation obligation. But, what if you come to know that you can be more secure through incognito modes. Well, many will get ready to leave the general window of the Chrome browser. But, there’s a condition. This means it is not applicable to everyone. Google has recently announced that people having gadgets with iOS as an operating system can lock and secure their incognito modes through Face IDs. Let’s know more about it through this Exhibit blog. 

I Am Safer

Isn’t that linguistically incorrect? But, you will pass on such statements after the news reported by Macrumors. According to this news, Google is bringing a new update for iOS through which a user will get the allowance and access to lock their incognito modes through Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Once the update comes out, you will be able to find this feature by going to the Settings option and selecting the Privacy tab. In the tab, you will see the option for Lock Incognito tabs

What do you mean by Locked Incognito tabs?

It means it won’t be visible unless authenticated for the next time. What’s that? Suppose you exited from the Chrome browser and thought to reopen it. Now, if you try to open the incognito mode, you won’t be able to open it. You can do this only after authenticating it through Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. 

Anything else added apart from Incognito Tabs

Yeah, it will be pretty illogical to say that Google’s technical team has merely added this feature at the development front. That’s for sure Google’s technical team is not sitting at the development centres singing, “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.” The other feature that is coming as an update is regarding taking a screenshot of the entire web page. Now, every time you will strike the combination of keys to trigger a screenshot, an option will appear that will ask for a full page. 


Google has added sophisticated features to secure incognito modes and tabs to ensure better privacy. However, only time will tell how it helps.

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