Luxury Audio System Cabasse, Launches in India
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Luxury Audio System Cabasse, Launches in India with partnership with Alphatec

Cabasse has entered a strategic partnership with Alphatec to make its mark in the rapidly growing Indian market. The goal is to redefine the luxury audio experience for discerning Indian consumers. This strategic alliance aims to leverage both companies’ expertise and market reach to introduce cutting-edge audio solutions to the Indian market. The partnership announcement comes as Cabasse introduces its latest product, the PEARL MYUKI luxury audio system, in India.

The PEARL MYUKI is a battery-powered, connected, ultra-compact, and elegant high-resolution active speaker designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers. Touted as a portable luxury, this new model offers high acoustic performance and integrates top-notch technologies in high-end Cabasse systems. The product promises users a quality sound experience at home and on the go.

What sets the PEARL MYUKI apart is its remarkable features, setting a new standard in portable audio systems. The speaker delivers peak sound levels of 103 dB in mono and 109 dB in stereo, ensuring an immersive listening experience for users. With a wide bandwidth of 30 to 23,000Hz and equipped with a Dôme 45 medium-tweeter and two 12 cm woofers, the PEARL MYUKI offers a balanced and detailed sound quality. Moreover, it supports versatile connectivity options, including Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm jack, USB-C, and SPDIF optics, making it compatible with many devices. The speaker also supports various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, and more, catering to diverse user preferences. Additional features such as automatic calibration and High-Resolution Multiroom functionality enhance the user experience. Furthermore, the speaker is compact, measuring 186 x 174 x 180 mm and weighing 2.1 kg, making it easy to carry around. It is complemented by a custom carrying bag, making it the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor listening.

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A representative from Cabasse expressed excitement about bringing the company’s premium audio solutions to Indian consumers. With the support of Alphatec’s extensive distribution network and market expertise, Cabasse aims to offer a seamless and immersive audio experience to Indian consumers seeking high-end audio experiences, ensuring they can enjoy the unparalleled sound quality of the PEARL MYUKI.

Alphatec’s Founder and Managing Director, Devasis Barkataki, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing that it is a significant step forward in elevating audio experiences for Indian consumers. Collaborating with Cabasse, Alphatec is eager to introduce high-end audio products, including the PEARL MYUKI, to the Indian market, enhancing consumers’ listening experiences.

By partnering with Alphatec, Cabasse could make a lasting impact in the Indian audio market, delivering unmatched audio quality and craftsmanship to discerning listeners across India. The introduction of the PEARL MYUKI, a high-resolution connected speaker that is as portable as it is powerful, reflects Cabasse’s commitment to reshaping the way Indian consumers enjoy music at home and on the go. This collaboration presents a gateway to cutting-edge audio technology and unparalleled sound experiences for Indian consumers, reinforcing Cabasse’s reputation for perfect sound reproduction without alteration, colouring, or distortion. With operations in 58 countries, Cabasse has gained recognition for its diverse range of products, including wireless speakers, traditional loudspeakers, home cinema systems, custom installation solutions, and lifestyle audio solutions.

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