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Price is Right? The most expensive TVs to buy

COVID times brought upon a big surge in home entertainment and how films are consumed. The mainstream entertainment industry globally is now adapting to the changing audience behaviour when it comes to stepping into the cinemas to watch a film. This major change in consumer behaviour has been enabled by OTT platforms going mainstream during the outbreak. Now, the audience can be seen walking in for only event films like a Marvel project or the recently released Brashmastra which was yet another addition to the crowded superhero genre of films. Whereas,  other films are quickly being directed to OTT platforms from the cinemas due to a lack of audience. One major reason for this shift in audience behaviour is being credited to people now having access to OTT platforms via televisions which provide a premium viewing experience.

The emerging pattern of changing audience behaviour suggests that people now are more than just happy to enjoy a film on their television as opposed to walking in the cinema halls. Televisions on the other hand have also upped their game by providing multiple features and high resolutions which enables users to enjoy the content in the best form. While smart televisions in India are available at multiple price points starting from as low as Rs 8K, we wanted to have a look at the flip side of the coin to find the most expensive television in the country. 

Be it Samsung, LG, or Xiaomi, various tech players have introduced their offerings in the premium television market. All the below-listed televisions are the best the company has to offer at an expensive price point. Here are the most expensive televisions to buy in India: 

  • Samsung The Wall Luxury 292-inch Ultra HD 8K Smart MicroLED TV

The Wall television series is in a class of its own. Designed specifically for either business or luxury living, The Wall TV comes with a massive 292-inch form factor. The price of the television is as big as the form factor it comes with. Samsung’s The Wall is priced at a colossal 88 lakhs, making it one of the most expensive televisions around the world. While there are overkill televisions which come at the pricepoint of crores only cause they have gold and diamonds on them, I am keeping this list exclusive to TVs priced at expensive rates for what they offer. 

The Wall TV is titled such due to its microLED technology. The microLED technology transfers micrometre-scale LEDs into LED modules which resemble wall tiles. The company claims that The Wall’s microLED technology can provide two times superior colour purity and a vast colour gamut as compared to other LED displays. The 292-inch TV produces a one-of-a-kind colour output with vibrant yet natural colours. The main attraction of the television for me is the depth of less than 30 mm and the bezel-free infinity design which can blend into its surrounding like a giant frame. Not to forget that the company also manufactures a TV lineup titled ‘The Frame’, however, ‘The Wall’ is the perfect title for this gigantic 292-inch TV. 

Price:  ₹88,00,000

  • LG Signature OLED R 65

To the unversed, the ‘R’ in the title of the LG Signature OLED R 65 stands for ‘Rollable’. This is the first TV ever to come with a rollable 65-inch display. The TV with the flexible display is priced at… wait for it… a MASSIVE ₹75 lakhs! So what do you get for paying the price for a TV you can get a house for? For me, it is the futuristic form factor. 

Imagine waking up in the morning and pressing a button to make your television emerge from a table-like speaker set-up! It will surely make me feel like Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The USP of the rollable TV is the flexible display itself, of course. The display can be ‘rolled into’ three different modes namely, Full View Mode, Line View Mode, and Zero View mode where the display can be entirely rolled down just to use the speaker. It comes with the support of Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. While the television is not 8K, something one would expect in TV after spending a quarter less than a crore, the 4K self-lit panel provides crisp details and an immersive experience. Would I be interested in spending that amount on television? Hear me out, if I can feel like am living in the future with a rollable TV, why not? The LG Signature OLED R 65 is available only in offline stores and not on any online shopping portals. 

Price:  ₹75,00,000

  • LG Z2 88 (223cm) 8K Smart Signature OLED TV

the LG Z2 88-inch 8K Smart Signature OLED TV, This television is clearly the best you can get for your money and is priced at a massive amount of ₹23.50 lakhs on LG’s official website. The ultra-premium TV was an honoree of the CES 2022 Innovation Award which is a big achievement. Well, if you’re willing to shell out over 20 lakhs for your television then you must know if it is actually worth shelling out the big bucks. The simple answer is ‘Heck yeah!’ 

The TV comes with a vibrant self-lit 8K OLED panel. It provides deep and rich colours as 33 million pixels illuminate independently for optimum entertainment. It comes with LG’s α9 Gen 5 AI 8K processor that includes body and object-enhancing capabilities to sharpen people and objects in the frame. The TV does not come with a backlight as all pixels are self-illuminating, providing deeper blacks and the right contrast for every light setting. The presence of Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos brings the cherry on the top with immersive details. Gamers can also call this television their primary gaming screen easily as it comes with the support of NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync and VRR Support. This allows ultra-fast action in the games to appear smooth. It has the audio prowess of 80W in the front firing setting. Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 are also present on the premium television. 

Price:  ₹23,50,000

  • Samsung QA85Q950TSK 85 inch QLED 8K UHD TV

You cannot talk about expensive TVs and not include Samsung as it is one of the key players. The Samsung QA85Q950TSK 85-inch comes with a Quantum 8k processor. Before I tell you about all the cool features this TV comes with, let me tell you that this Samsung TV is priced at a whopping ₹14.50 lakhs. The 85-inch TV came with an 8K panel with AI upscaling capabilities. The quantum 8K processor can upscale various sources and resolutions in 8K which always gives the viewer a premium experience. Besides the stunning 8K upscaling prowess, the Samsung TV also comes with object Object Tracking Sound+ technology. This feature tracks motion in the video and creates an immersive sound using the up-firing and down-firing speakers. 

The Samsung QA85Q950TSK QLED TV also comes with Ultra Viewing Angle capabilities. This enables the viewer to see consistent pictures from every angle. Another useful feature of the TV is the ‘Multi View’ option which splits the TV screen in two, allowing viewers to watch films/shows on one side, and mirror their mobile device on the other. Apple users have an added benefit with this TV as it comes with AirPlay 2 built-in. This enables users to share content from Apple devices to the TV with ease. The 75-Inch variant of the device is priced at ₹10.50 lakhs. 

Price:  ₹14,50,000

  • LG Nano99 8K NanoCell TV

The next television on the most expensive list is all about colours! While consuming content on television, viewers can often see some colour disparities. While the blacks aren’t deep enough in some TVs, the colour saturation or production is just not right in others. LG tried to tackle this issue in their NanoCell TV series which comes with technology capable of emitting the right colours. The LG NanoCell technology, according to the company operates on Pure RGB wavelength which removes impure colours from the picture. 

The company claims that NanoCell technology produces ‘Close To Perfection’ colours having a contrast modulation rate of 97.8%. The highest in its class when it comes to accurate colour production, if you wish to buy the LG NanoCell 8K TV then you’ll have to shell out ₹10,99,990. Using deep learning algorithms, the NanoCell TV can transform 2K and 4K content into 8K, enhancing the detail and definition. Talking about the definition, the TV provides optimal HDR picture quality by making several adjustments. Sports fans also have something for their interest as it can send sports alerts before, during and after games. It comes with a 60W speaker output with a 20W sub-woofer output. 

Price:  ₹10,99,990

  • Samsung 75-inch Frame QLED 4K TV

When it comes to the blend of style and technology, the Samsung 75-inch Frame QLED 4K TV definitely takes the cake. The TV comes with a swappable, snap-on picture frame which gives it a different touch altogether. The TV is marketed more as a lifestyle product which comes with a matte display designed to showcase art at its best. The Samsung Frame 75-inch QLED television was initially launched at the price of ₹4,24,900 but is currently priced at ₹2,99,990 on Samsung India’s official website. 

The feature which makes it stand out from the lot is as the name suggests, the frame itself. The TV comes equipped with the ‘Art Mode’ where the frame transforms into an art display whenever you are not watching TV. viewers can choose from a library of over 1,400 artworks or add their own art pieces to reflect their unique personalities. The screensaver mode in all typical Android TV does not stand anywhere near the Art mode in Samsung’s The Frame. 

Price: ₹2,99,990

  • Vu The Masterpiece Glo Series 4K 

After going through a number of ultra-expensive television sets, I would like to acquaint you with a TV which won’t burn as big a hole in your pocket. The Vu Masterpiece Glo Series is priced at ₹1,59,990 for the 75-inch variant. While this definitely is expensive, the feature-rich TV provides an overall experience which bangs for the buck. The cinephile in me wonders at the ‘Filmmaker Mode’ feature present in the TV. The company claims to have collaborated with filmmakers like Christopher Nolan to build the feature which displays the content exactly how it was intended to be portrayed by Hollywood well-knowns. 

The Vu Masterpiece Glo Series 4K comes with an Armani Gold 4.1 speaker with a subwoofer built in. The 100W sound system coupled with the subwoofer makes the additional requirement of sound systems obsolete. Another key feature of the TV comes with a far-field microphone for hands-free voice searches. The TV can be given commands from a distance as opposed to having a remote nearby to give voice commands. 

Price: ₹1,59,990

  • Xiaomi Mi QLED Q1 4K 

The final TV in the list comes from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi QLED Q1 TV is touted by the company as the ‘Theatre of Tomorrow’, and looking at the powerful specs priced at just ₹1,29,999, it is definitely worth having a look at. The 75-inch TV comes with a 4K Ultra resolution with a refresh rate of 120Hz. For connectivity, there are 3 HDMI ports which can connect to the latest gaming consoles and set-top boxes. 2 USB ports and Bluetooth 5.0 are also present here. 

Xiaomi had disrupted the Indian TV market by saturating it with 4K televisions at a competitive price. With the QLED TV, the company has attempted to do the same by pricing it a little lesser than the competition. The Quantum Dot display is coupled with a powerful sound system. It comes with a 6-speaker set-up with 30W output. The picture quality is also top-notch as it comes with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG. 

Price: ₹1,29,999

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