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Seed Funding: When Do You Need It?

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Seed Funding: When Do You Need It?

A lot of times, startups are in a fix as to whether or not they should raise funding, and if so, what kind of funding should they be opting for? In this section, we want to acquaint our readers with the pros and cons of seed funding. But first, let’s try to understand why is seed funding so very important.

Importance of Seed Funding

Well, seed funding is the early-stage investment that is required by a startup to get off the ground and gain some traction. This is considered a very important stage in the journey of a startup, since it allows them to grow, work on the product or idea. Also, develop a team and look into the other aspects responsible for running the company.

When Is The Right Time for Seed Funding?

Startups can fetch money whenever they want to, or so is believed. However, there are a few things that entrepreneurs might know if they want to get the required amount of funding that they want. Here are a few things to consider, before raising seed funding.

  • Do You Have the Right Team?

It is very essential to have the right human resources to work on ideas or products. Once you have the right team, you would treat everyone with respect, loyalty and care. So that this would ensure that the employees are invested in the company as much as the founders are.

  • Do You Have Validation From Industry Experts?

It is advisable that you take valuable feedback from experts in the field that you are operating from. This would be inclusive of advisors, angels, partners and industry players. This is a way in which startups can improve their product or idea, before the market knows about it or the early stage investors.

  • Do You Have the Prototype Ready?

In case you are ready with a product or software that you are wanting to implement, now is the right time to do so. You would need to have at least a working prototype which would be showcased in front of potential investors. If you can’t showcase a prototype, then you are clearly wasting the investors time.

  • Have the Potential Investors Been Vetted?

In terms of an investor meeting, it is best to do some research beforehand about potential investors. This would kind of help in building a relationship with investors before the pitch. Most investors are more inclined to come aboard with startups they find that already have background knowledge.

  • Did You Test Your Product?

To be on the safe side, it is always a safe option to test the product before you plan to raise seed funding. Once you get to know your customer’s needs and behaviour, this would allow startups to present a real world scenario of the product’s effectiveness.

The Takeaway

Though raising seed funding might seem pretty easy from all that we talked about, however all of us must clearly do our homework before we look forward to raising one.

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