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WhatsApp To Soon Show Ads To Users

Facebook has been learning and consistently improving its experience for the users. The social media company is creating quite a few experiences fo it’s users right from the time it was launched for the world. In recent times, the popularity of Facebook has dipped slightly because of TikTok which is a short video creation platform, not very much alike to its other platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp.

In the recent pandemic situation, Facebook has already announced ‘Messenger Rooms’ and also announced the increase of user limit to eight on WhatsApp video calling. Now the Facebook-owned company Whatsapp will soon start showing advertisements to its users.

The move could follow soon after Facebook is done with the merging of the platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Since the time in 2014, when Facebook acquired the instant messaging platform WhatsApp, Facebook has been trying to draw monetary profits from one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, WhatsApp. However, there have been internal discussions and disagreements for the same. But now, there are on and off reports of Facebook’s intention to bring ads on this messaging application.

This could soon follow after Facebook is done with integrating all of its platforms – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You could soon start seeing ads and it is only to be seen how people all over the world would receive it. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for its chats and hence is very secure, The major issue of user targetted ads would be the security and how much of it will be compromised when the ads would be able to access user data.

While WhatsApp could be showing ads to those who have a Facebook account, the company fears that users could delete their Facebook accounts if they find out what is drawing the ads towards their WhatsApp. This could have a severe negative effect and at least Facebook, which has been seriously threatened by the identities of other popular social media applications should repeatedly think about.

While this appears to be a very distant thought got Facebook, for now, there could be changes in the way we see and use its other popular platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. Merging or putting too many changes into these platforms could see a negative effect and dip in users, especially when there are other social media/short-video applications which are way more engaging and rewarding to the users. This could end up being a major threatening to Facebook’s very existence.

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