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10 content writing tools to become a better writer 

We read content, we watch content, and we are shaped by the content we consume. On the other side of that is a writer who commands your attention through the power of his words. 

There is so much conveyed and established through the written word. However, the art of doing that efficiently can be a challenging feat. 

There are a number of editing tools that can be of great assistance to you as you set out to create consistently high-quality written content:


An AI-powered writing assistant that is a grammar checker, style editor and an overall helping hand in creating error-free and impactful content. 


This is a free-to-use editing tool that can check your writing for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. 

Surfer SEO

An increasingly popular tool to create SEO-friendly content amongst writers. This will help your articles and blogs, for instance, to be ranked at the top of google searches. 


If vocabulary is where you falter while writing content, then thesaurus will provide you with a verified collection of over three million synonyms and antonyms. 


This writing tool is a great way to help you avoid plagiarism which is often something that writers find challenging to do. It will scan your content to detect any repetitions and overlaps and help you avoid penalties. 


Sometimes a writing block may make it difficult to avoid clichés. In that case, this tool will help you find overly worn out phrases and sentences to make your writing clearer and more impactful.

Hemingway Editor

To improve the readability of your text, this tool will give you specific corrections. It is incredibly useful to aid you in communicating your message in the most efficient way possible.


To create content that is engaging and attracts a reader base, the features of this tool will read your content and tell you your target audience. In this way, you can write content that will immediately being your audience to you.


Writing can be an arduous process if you are prone to being distracted. This simple tool has a hide-away interface and will let you to set your writing goals and customize its settings so that you can write with unwavering focus. 


The specific use of this tool is to help you format your titles and headlines. It will also help you with your captions for posting content on social media. 

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