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5 Must Have Apps While Sharing A Room With Someone

Human beings are one of the laziest species in the world, at least during their adolescence and twenties, especially when they’re living away from the parents. Whatever age period we’re into, we always look for comfort, be it sharing a room away from home with siblings or living with a couple of other roommates.

While sharing a room with someone, along with comfort, we all need a lot of coordination to do the chores and other necessary work on time, and if we fail to maintain that coordination, then we’ll surely end up having hatred in our hearts for each other. One person can’t manage and keep track of all the things, and if he or she does, it won’t last forever because, after a while, it all gets annoying and confusing. So, it’s better to use technology and plan everything with coordination, and to do that, here is a list of the top 5 best apps you’ll need while sharing a room with someone.

> Splitwise

Being roomies, let’s split is the most common catchword we all use when we’re going on a trip together or paying for group lunch/dinner or shopping for house expenses, and in most cases, we forgot to keep the bills. In such cases, the Splitwise app comes in handy as it helps you keep track of the expenses on the go and regulate to be notified of who paid what bills, who owes who, the exact amount of per head contribution and borrowings among each other. The app’s user interface is very simple and accurate; once you’re into Splitwise, you’ll not look for other splitting apps.

> White Noise Lite

You can choose your room but not your roommates, and beyond that, you can’t guess how they behave around the house in just one or two meetings. Sometimes they turn out to be well mannered and sometimes a little too noisy, and in such conditions, you can request them to stay low key, but you can’t force them to remain low key all the time as it’s in their veins. If you’re dealing with such an issue and looking for peace of mind for better sleep hours, then White Noise Lite is the app for you. The app helps you escape from noisy housemates, as it is designed to relax you with its music and help you fall asleep faster, so you don’t have to worry about the party upstairs. Also, you can turn off the data and still be able to listen to the app.

> Listonic

While staying away, planning your grocery list is one of the complex tasks to do but with the Listonic app, we all can breathe easy as it is the highest-rated shopping list app on Google Play in 2021. The app helps you make a grocery list along with your roommates in the most efficient way possible. The smooth interface of the Listonic app makes adding items and their quantities an easy task. Since we repeatedly purchase most of the items, the app suggests our previously bought items, which help us create a precise list; it also keeps all its users informed about what’s been done and what’s left to buy.

> Chooserrr

Living with roommates comes with disagreements over little things, and most of the time, we end up compromising, be it going out for a movie or choosing a piece of furniture. We all deal with such scenarios, and the best gateway for staying away from such cases is the Chooserrr app. The app lets you create and share the tasks, and later on, it randomly assigns one of you to fulfil the duty, which results in zero discussion over silly things and saves everyone’s time. Unfortunately, the Chooserrr app is only available on iOS devices, and Android users have to wait or manage with some other app.

> Tody

Staying along with roommates will always lead to living life like a bachelor size, which means untidy and messy but staying healthy and fit always comes with cleanliness, and in these challenging times, it is more than necessary to keep ourselves hygienic. You can do this in one click by downloading a Tody app, which will motivate you to manage your household cleaning chores. The Tody app lets you assign the tasks to different roommates, and it has a colour-bar system that will update you from time to time about when was the last time you did some specific cleaning task. You can also create room wise cleaning sections for better cleaning opportunities.

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