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8 useful tools & websites for graphic designers

Art can encourage people to see things from different perspectives, and with the arrival of modern technology, the relationship between these two has evolved. You may be a very talented graphic designer, but without the assistance of a few essential tools, your day wouldn’t sound productive, right?

In the market, there are thousands of tools for web and graphic design professionals; some are paid while others are free. Thanks to the technology that has reshaped the designing world with new inventions and experiments. The following list of tools & websites will surely enhance your graphic designing career.

Artboard Studio

When planning to launch a new product or make a business card, what do clients ask designers? A first look of the product, a sample design of the card or a mockup design of the website/product. We all have tried canva, but what if you want to go beyond the regular mockups and create something extraordinary to get a pat on the back?

Artboard Studio is a cloud-based design tool primarily focused on product mockups, allowing designers to create product presentations right from their browsers. The elements of the timesaving platform are layered like photoshop, and you can export various types of images like JPG, PNG and SVG.


Nobody, nobody wants to store files on their devices as it only reduces internal storage, and when talking about graphic designers they create and save hundreds of files every day. The table turns when it comes to looking out for a particular file or a project on the device, as not all of us are organized and have time for creating different folders daily.

The playbook is a cloud storage space created for artists and designers to save their creative files. The platform automatically tags, organizes, and collaborates your creative files based on their types, saving time when you or your team members are looking for them. It offers to save up to 100GB of free data & for the paid version, it goes up to 10TB.


Coolors is one of the best colour palette apps in the current market, which offers you to create colour schemes with a super-fast generator. The website has tools like palette generator, explore palettes, image checker, contrast checker and many more options to play with the colour wheel for you to make your designs aesthetically pleasing. The platform is offered on several platforms like iOS, Android, and a chrome extension.


Every designer or perhaps every artist is habitual to getting several feedbacks/changes from clients and making modifications according to the suggestions. The hectic process keeps going until you get the final call from the clients, which takes a lot of time. ProofHub is a platform that helps you manage all your tasks easily and hassle-free as it allows clients to suggest changes right on the platform, ultimately saving the time we spend on mailing.


Are you looking for free Photoshop brushes? Then, Brusheezy is the best tool for you, as it has a vast collection of unique Photoshop brushes to choose from and that too for free.


Have you ever run out of fonts while working on a design or thinking about how to design your next article/banner/project? Well, accept it; we’re not robots to digest one single font for a timeline or lazy designers who don’t want to explore more. DaFont is one of the most popular and widely known font sites in the designer community. The site offers to download fonts you desire for free but make sure to download fonts that are reputable as some of the fonts carry viruses.

Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay – Free high-res images

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a photographer or designer, you must have searched for “free HD desktop wallpapers” at least once in your lifetime. Websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay offer royalty-free images, which you can use for any work. These sites offer most of the images for free, but some of them cost you a one-time charge, which is why they’re called royalty-free images.

PikPng and Pngtree

Being schedule-tight and running on a deadline is not easy; during such times, a designer will not spend a minute removing the image’s background. At such high times, websites like PikPng and Pngtree come forward to help the designer as these two websites offer free download of png images – both raster and vector, saving you the hassle of removing backgrounds.

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