Secrets IT guys don't want you to know!
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Secrets IT guys don’t want you to know!

Nobody likes it when their computer stops responding or a vital document is locked behind a forgotten password. While there are some basic skills that every computer user has developed over the years, there are still a lot of things unknown to the masses. This is where the professional IT sector comes in.

Information Technology, however simple sounding, encompasses a vast array of topics. Nevertheless, there are some things that even professionals might not know. That said, here are some secrets the professionals don’t want you to know!

To begin with the most simple fact, Google has the answer to everything. So whenever the techies run out of options, that’s who they turn to! Not that what they search for is understandable by the layman, but even general computer users can try a few alternatives suggested by Google.

Although the private or incognito mode is the go-to option for undetected and secret browsing, it does not make the user completely invisible. However, the mode promises not to store any cookies or search history, the websites that the user visits can still track the computer’s IP address and store it if required. This IP address can be accessed by legal means and can be traced back to the user. So the next time you are browsing privately, beware!

Having mentioned Google as an all-knowing Wiseman, it would be somewhat surprising that even Google can be treacherous sometimes. Although it is legally enforced in the United States of America, Google can also share its information with other governments and authorities when required. If you would like to get a shock by how much data Google has stored about you, you can have a look via the Google Dashboard. Users can also use it to control what data they choose to share with Google.

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Technology has risen as a great saviour of man, controls a cardiac defibrillator, and uses and uses it to induce ventricular fibrillation, a potentially lethal condition. They can also read sensitive medical information stored on the device and change it at will.

With each purchase of a brand-new computer comes the mandatory addition of anti-virus software. However, not even the best software available in the market can save your computer from the worst online threats. The solution? Protect and encrypt your data as much as possible. It is not that anti-virus software is completely useless, but it is better to take extra precautions.

Keeping all the negativity aside, the last secret is a good one. It might even be lifesaving. Whether your mobile phone has a GPS chip or not (which is almost impossible considering modern smartphones), your device can still act as a homing beacon. The network that the phone catches comes from a nearby cell tower. These towers can be used to triangulate any device’s position within a few hundred meters. Although it does not give the exact location, even getting an idea of the proximity can prove crucial sometimes.

Now that you are armed with this information, go out and explore the world of information technology! It would be best to leave it to the professionals, don’t you think?

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