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HTC will unveil an AR/VR headset at CES 2023

We are only 2-weeks away from CES 2023, the most awaited tech show in the world. The 2023 edition of the show will begin on the 5th of January, which is why brands have started teasing us with new gadgets. Recently, HTC announced that they will unveil a new consumer-friendly flagship AR/VR headset next month during CES 2023.

The verge first revealed the unnamed headset with VR and AR capabilities with some details when they had a conversation with HTC’s global head of product Shen Ye. The upcoming headset by HTC will have front and side-facing cameras along with support for a controller. The self-contained headset is expected to be lightweight, comfortable, and powerful.

The headset will have a colour passthrough to help users view their surroundings and enable a mixed-reality experience. The company has claimed that the headset will have a higher dynamic range to help users read finer details like text without taking the headset off. The headset looks pretty slick and will have at least two hours of battery life.

We expect the company to reveal the full details of the product at CES 2023, and it would be interesting to see at what price it will be priced. Meta released a high-end $1500 Pro model just a couple of months ago, and soon, they will release a successor to the Quest 2. Along with Meta, Apple has long been rumoured to be working on a mixed-reality headset. Let’s hope for the best.

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