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Instagram to soon Introduce ‘Show All’ Icon for Stories

The popular social media site Instagram has come with another new update. Instagram is testing a new ‘Show All’ feature for stories. Instagram stories are a popular feature used by all to share their daily insights and highlights. The stories are on the feed for 24hours since it’s upload time.

Currently, the user can upload as many stories as they want. So the viewer gets to see all the stories uploaded without skipping them. The new update will let the users watch only the first three stories uploaded. Then, one can click on the ‘Show All’ button to watch more stories. Else the application will take you to another person’s story. This will let users skip the ‘n’ number of stories shared by the users.

In Brazil, an Instagram user, Phill Ricelle, observed the feature and shared a screenshot through Twitter. The screenshot seems to reveal the Instagram Stories layout, alongside a brand new option placed beside the person’s profile photo in the top left corner. Translation reveals that the feature reads ‘Show All. The latest update is available for significant user groups to test the feature before making it accessible to all the users.

Most recently, Instagram has launched a brand new characteristic referred to as Enhanced Tags. The feature will allow customers to credit their creative collaborators in posts and short videos that appear in Feed and Reels on Instagram. Instagram mentions in its post that “this feature will display a creator’s publicly displayed and self-identified profile category.” The categories consist of makeup artist, choreographer, creative director, photographer, and other categories, as displayed within the article’s feature image.

As per some reports, Instagram by Meta is working towards making the Reel creation process easier for the app users.
Only time will tell whether the updates will be a hit or a miss and how easy they will be for users.

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