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September 2021: Hi-Speed Internet Service is Coming

SpaceX Hi-Speed Internet Service

The year 2030. It’s your birthday. Your mother calls you and asks you what gift you need. You reply with the internet data. And, in return, your mother says, tweet a post addressing Elon Musk. Elon Musk? With data becoming the engine to ignite the world and its business, some people will surely reply with such statements. But, why? It is because Elon Musk launched a Starlink Project a few months back to deliver hassle-free internet globally. Read this Exhibit blog to know more about the Starlink Project and hi-speed internet service access that Elon Musk will provide soon.

What’s the buzz around?

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell has recently announced that their Starlink Project will start delivering internet service globally by September 2021. At this moment, this service (beta one) is available in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and part of Europe. SpaceX will provide internet service to all at a rate of $99 (INR 7000/- an estimate). However, before launching it in India, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has clearly instructed SpaceX to obtain a related license. Hence, if you are ready to pay an amount mentioned above through UPI, debit card, or credit card, you may get something awesome for sure.

About Starlink Project

SpaceX’s Starlink Project is about launching satellites in the low-earth orbit of 2000 km and making a constellation to provide reliable internet service to people like you. If you think it’s a cool and new concept, then Sheldon Cooper can stop you for sure. There are many geostationary satellites already roaming in space for better coverage. So, why this now? Again Sheldon Cooper will talk about the general time and distance concept. Stationing in the low-earth orbit will ensure that there is low latency and better internet speed. Do you know how much? As per some reports,  if you are a privileged user who will subscribe to the SpaceX service, you will get an internet speed of 209.17 Mbps. Now, don’t try to sing the unheard, unpopular, and unrecognized Pyaar Impossible’s title track.

I am loving it – Hi-Speed Internet Service

Well, SpaceX may face a lawsuit from McDonald’s if they use this tagline. But it’s completely known that everyone who will use SpaceX internet service will surely say these lines. So, start making a checklist about the web series you are thinking of watching on hi-speed or a movie that you haven’t watched as of now. Wait, wait, wait. There’s one more. If you can go for 7000 bucks in a year, take a chance and go for a YouTube premium because fun has no end. Get ready for hi-speed internet service.

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