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5 Simple ways to make money with NFTs

5 Simple ways to make money with NFTs

Everyone wants to join the NFT parade, including you. However, the struggle to understand the process kicks most of us out of the race right away. NFTs are already over the moon and have the capability to make you a millionaire in a quick time. I hope you’ve heard the story of an Indonesian student who sold his years of selfies as NFTs as a joke and accidentally became a millionaire.

Currently, the NFT market stacks about $17 billion as the transactions worldwide jumped 21,350% from $82.5 million in 2020. A number of investors are looking at NFT as a side-hustle and a source of a second income but are not aware of where to start and how to indulge in an NFT drama? No worries, we have your back and it’s high time to take a look at the 5 ways to make money with NFTs.

Digital Artforms

Are you an artist who’s interested in auctioning or monetising your fully digital artwork? Well, if you’re an artist, then the NFT ride would be pleasurable for you as we have witnessed people who sold their digital artforms on NFTs and earned millions. You can create anything and mint money with it through NFT platforms but make sure you’re creating something practical and no more farts, please.

Trade NFTs

Everyone can’t be an artist, but you can always play your business card and trade NFTs. Some NFTs are worth millions, while some are damn worthless, and if you’re one of those people who understand the value of the art and are good at predicting the fate of the art, then start trading NFTs. Start buying less valued but potentially worth NFTs and make profits during resale.

Licensed Collectibles

We all were, and some of us still are, huge fans of trading cards. Owning a rare type of trading card, exchanging a trading card and buying a newly launched limited edition trading card was just another stupid habit we had during our younger days. Well, you can turn this tradition into a money-making machine now as the price of a digital trading card is unbelievable, particularly when you have a rare one.

NFT Gaming

We live in a time where people even earn through playing games, reviewing games and whatnot. Also, we at least have one friend in our group who can spend enormously on virtual items. In future, gaming companies (which are already worth billions) might offer in-game items as NFTs, and it might push the development of Non-Fungible Technology forward. Be quick, and get your kitty while it is free.

NFT Royalties

Back in the 20th century, wise men used to invest in real estate and rent it out to people, which provided them with a constant flow of income every month or on an annual basis. Now, in a tech-advanced world, you can create or purchase someone else’s NFT and set a 10% or 20% royalty on your NFTs, which will help you earn money every time someone buys your NFT.

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