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An In-Depth Look at Smart Contract Audits

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I have been thinking about the smart contract audit process and its cost, so I did some little research. Distributions of smart contract arrangements onto the Ethereum blockchain are increasing. Since late 2017, the figure of effective calls to smart contracts has remained steady at 1.2 million per day. It is convincing to ensure that these smart contracts, often holding significant assets, are not misused. At present, a contract audit before deployment is the most preferable option available to detect subtle vulnerabilities and assessing the security code and quality.

What is a smart contract audit?

I am therefore convinced that smart contract audit is a valuation of the secure growth process. In the cause of a smart contract audit, developers have a chance to learn from Ethereum specialists, denote underspecified areas of their system, and detect gaps in their coding process. 

What is smart contract audit cost”

The record shows that over 2 billion USD worth of digital assets safeguarded since it was founded in 2017. Some factors contribute to the cost of a smart contract audit, mention as follows; 

“How much does a it cost?”

 The record shows that over 2 billion USD in digital assets have been safeguarded since the company’s inception in 2017. 

The following factors contribute to the cost of a it:


The cost of an audit is affected by the changing complexity of the audit. 

A low-cost audit, for example, is a token that strictly adheres to the ERC20 standard. 

The ERC20 token standard is one of the earliest patterns in Ethereum smart contract development and is defined by the number of hours spent on it.

When the complexity of an audit increases, it necessitates more engineering hours, resulting in a high audit cohesion.

Clear documentation can also help to reduce the complexity of an inspection. 

The cost will rise if there is a lot of time spent.


The issue of time arises when clients require smart contracts audits to be completed in a short period. These clients will be asked to pay a premium. 

The amount of time spent auditing a project varies according to its complexity. 

As a result, the best option is to contact Quantstamp as soon as possible so that you can factor audit time into your development cycle

However, just as smart contract audits cannot replace internal quality assurance, poorer architectures, or overcome complexity or vulnerability, everything in this world has limitations.

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