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Does Bitpay benefits Apple Pay Users?

YES! It does  

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Payment services, the world’s biggest network, today confirmed that the US 
BitPay Digital Mastercard cardholders will link their wallets to Apple WalletTM and spend with Apple Pay. BitPay cardholders can make safe  transactions in shops, on mobile, and online via Apple Pay. BitPay’s U.S. 
Cardholders will now add their Apple Pay wallets to their prepaid Mastercard.  

BitPay says it’s bitcoin

cards could be linked to its Apple Wallet on Friday, opening a unique way for cryptocurrency holders to shop through Apple Pay. We have thousands of clients
using BitPay Card with the BitPay Wallet app who are always searching for  new places and ways to invest their crypto,” We include thousands of BitPay Wallet app customers using BitPay places and ways to spend their crypto,”  said the chief executive of BitPay. BitPay continues to innovate its global blockchain technologies to make payments quicker, simpler, and easier
than ever for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The BitPay Wallet app is designed to allow 

Bitcoin is to be managed and spent by customers, converted into dollars and spent with the BitPay Card as well. The BitPay Wallet feature offers a set of services to leverage blockchain users to purchase, store crypto and make online payments. Users will quickly purchase gift cards in stores and online from hundreds of the largest brands. BitPay Card allows clients to convert  to fiat
 the currency immediately, which is then loaded onto the card and can be spent
 anywhere Mastercard debit is authorized.  
BitcoinBitcoin Cash, as well as Ether, are backed by BitPay wallet software, as well as four dollar-pegged stable coins, USDC, GUSD, PAX, and BUSD. Cardholders should have the latest release of the BitPay app to  connect a
card to the Apple Wallet. 

BitPay: Benefits 

In 2011, when Bitcoin was in its beginnings, BitPay was developed. The scope for Bitcoin was seen by Mr. Stephens, founder of BitPay – to revolutionize the financial industry, making payments on such a global scale faster, safer, and far less costly. 
With the mission of transforming how corporations and individuals send, receive, and store money, BitPay pioneered blockchain payment processing.
Its business solutions remove fraud fees; reduce payment processing costs and enable, among many other features, seamless payment in cryptocurrencies. 
BitPay provides a full digital asset management system to customers that involves BitPay Wallet and BitPay Prepaid Cards, allowing them to  transform
digital assets into dollars for the vast majority of companies to invest in. 
The card is now available in the U.S., with the company’s website enabling customers around Europe to sign up with the expected most recent versions on a waiting list. 

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