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What is it that you don’t know about crypto?

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies? 

Here are some fascinating facts about which you may be unaware. People are learning how to buy a cryptocurrency and looking for easy ways to buy Bitcoin as interest in cryptocurrency grows. It’s not surprising that some prospective investors want to learn more about how digital assets work. However, in the world of cryptocurrency, the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. It’s been a wild ride, and we still don’t know where cryptocurrencies will go in the future, but here are some equally crazy facts about cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

1)Gas is the term used to describe Ethereum fees.

When completing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, you must pay for “gas.” The computational effort required to complete the transaction is represented by gas on the Ethereum network. Using the network for apps or transactions, even converting another coin to ether, necessitates the payment of gas. Gas fees can feel quite high in some cases, depending on the transaction and traffic on the blockchain.

2) One of the first blockchain games was CryptoKitties.CryptoKitties, one of the first blockchain games, allows you to breed one-of-a-kind digital cats. CryptoKitties are not a currency; rather, they are a type of non-fungible token (NFT). Because each kitty is unique and cannot be replicated, they have a one-of-a-kind value, similar to artwork. CryptoKitties, by the way, is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

3) The most expensive CryptoKitty was purchased for 600 ETH.

Someone paid 600 ETH for a CryptoKitty Dragon in 2018. At the time of the transaction, 600 ETH was worth approximately $170,000. Today, however, with the price of one ether exceeding $2,700, that 600 ETH would be worth more than $1.6 million. That is one pricey digital cat!

4)NFTs are not currency.

NFTs are not cryptocurrencies, despite their growing popularity and status as digital assets. They are tokens that do not serve as a medium of exchange. Furthermore, NFTs cannot be divided or replicated.NFTs are becoming increasingly popular as alternative investments, similar to artwork or collectibles. In fact, some people see them as digital collectibles and artwork with the potential to appreciate in value. There are even NFTs, such as those provided by NBA TopShot, that function in a manner similar to digital sports trading cards.

5)Cryptocurrencies are prohibited in some countries.

Cryptocurrencies are not legal in every country. Some countries, such as Turkey, prohibit cryptocurrency payments, while others, such as Nigeria, prohibit cryptocurrency exchanges. However, one of the most significant recent bans is China’s prohibition on financial institutions providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions.

Even though countries can regulate access to service providers and shut down exchanges, it is nearly impossible to outright prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies. But, with one of the world’s largest economies opposing cryptocurrencies, it’s difficult to predict how things will play out in the future.


Cryptocurrencies offer a number of interesting opportunities for investing, as well as possibilities for the future. However, it’s essential to be careful about how you invest, especially with a new asset class. Carefully consider your risk tolerance before moving forward and make sure investing in digital assets is appropriate for your investment strategy.

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