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Whopper with a Side of Bitcoins: Burger King is Giving Cryptocurrency With Its Items

After McDonald’s, another fast-food biggie, Burger King, has jumped into the digital currency world. In a recent announcement, the company said that people who join their Royal Perks loyalty program and spend at least $5 using its app can win Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum. interesting isn’t it?

After ordering, you should receive an email from Burger King featuring a link. Follow the instructions to claim your crypto. However, the offer is open only for US residents. The fast-food chain has partnered with online brokerage firm Robinhood to give away these digital currencies to a handful of winners. The eatery announced that they will give away 20 bitcoins, 200 ethereum, and 2 million dogecoins. To win, one has to open an account with Robinhood via the company’s app. The offer is valid till November 21.

“As a brand, we are always looking for ways to reward our most loyal guests with exclusive offers that are exciting, unique, and culturally relevant. Cryptocurrency (crypto) has been a hot topic of conversation recently, but we know it can be difficult to understand. That’s why we wanted to bring crypto to our guests in a way that was accessible and digestible (literally and figuratively) – through our food,” said the company.

A few days ago, McDonald’s had turned its item McRib into an NFT. They will be given away to 10 winners chosen as part of their sweepstakes. “Our McRib NFTs are digital versions of the fan-favorite sandwich – almost as saucy as the McRib itself- and we’re giving them away to a few lucky fans on Twitter beginning November 1,” said a release by the company. This offering comes on the occasion of McRib’s 40th anniversary.

Bringing NFT into the beverages space, a liquor company sold its own NFTs and it was a big hit. Glenfiddich Whisky sold 15 bottles of rare whisky priced at Rs 13.5 lakh each, with NFTs. According to PR News Wire, the brand partnered with BlockBar, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, to launch a series of 15 limited edition liquor NFTs. The tokens not only allow buyers to show off their whisky purchases but also act as proof of ownership. The bottles were reportedly sold out within seconds.

According to the Burger King Crypto website, the chain has partnered with investment app Robinhood Crypto for the promotion. Between today and Sunday, November 21, Burger King will be giving away 2 million Dogecoin, 200 Ethereum, and 20 Bitcoin. As of this writing, one Dogecoin is worth $0.27 cents, one Ethereum is valued at $4,356, and a single Bitcoin clocks in at $61,807. (Burger King puts your odds of winning a Bitcoin at 1 in 100,011.) .lets go get ours.

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