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Review – OnePlus Buds Pro 2 – Truly Pro?

What do you need to kill time during your commute to work or when you’re bored at home? Of course, a little dose of music or the content, and to get that, you need to own good headphones or earbuds. I’ve been feeding my ears with the music on OnePlus earbuds and headsets for a year, such as Bullets Wireless Z2, Nord Buds and Nord Buds CE. However, I got a chance to try my ears at the OnePlus’ premium earbuds when we received the OnePlus Buds Pro 2.

The company entered the premium audio market with the OnePlus Buds Pro in 2021, but since then, didn’t launch any premium earbuds or headphones. The newly launched OnePlus Buds Pro 2 offers the same basic design with a two-tone finish on the buds and a matte charging case just like its predecessor. In terms of features, it brings improved features, noise cancelling, Dolby Atmos spatial audio and sound tuning by Dynaudio.


The premium earbuds from the OnePlus arrive in signature red and white packaging and have a mark of premiumness. Once you open the box, you see a small layered red-coloured package with a “Buds for life” slogan consisting of a user guide, safety and warranty papers, along with a note from Pete. Below that, you see the case with buds, and at the bottom, you get to see ear-tips and an OTG cable.

Available Colours

Radiant Silver, Glossy White and Matte Black

Design & Comfort

As mentioned earlier, the design of the buds looks almost identical to the OnePlus Buds Pro, while the charging case of the Buds Pro 2, the difference between the two, is almost negligible. The metal texture on the Buds Pro 2’s case is more advanced and not easy to be stained with fingerprints and features the brand logos of ONEPLUS and DYNAUDIO in the middle.

The charging case of the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 fits easily in a jeans pocket, but it’s hard to guess from where it has an opening, at least during the initial days. Also, one can not open the case by using just one hand. The earbuds are a little loose, and you will need to allow them a few days to adjust. However, they’ll feel a little comfortable on your ears once you get used to it.


The earbuds are equipped with a BES BES2600YP flagship chip and support Bluetooth 5.3 technology along with LHDC 5.0 audio transmission (subsequent OTA upgrade), offering a more stable connection. When connecting for the first time with your phone, just long press the button inside the case and wait until your phone shows the name of the buds.

Sound Quality

The earbuds have an 11mm woofer, a 6mm tweeter, and a triple-core noise cancellation chip with a 48dB depth. It also supports the new LHDC 5.0 transmission technology, which can automatically switch between 128kbps and 1000kbps. The ANC effect in the earbuds is quite apt and can withdraw some everyday noise scenes. Overall, Buds Pro 2 are good, but definitely not at the price they’re available now.

Battery Life

OnePlus Buds Pro 2 earbuds offer about 10 hours of battery backup, and, along with the charging case, it can provide an additional 29 hours of battery life, in total 39 hours. The battery backup of the buds is quite good, and even after using it for two hours straight with the ANC mode turned on, the battery power drops by about 25%. In terms of charging, it takes 10 minutes to offer 3 hours of listening.


The Buds Pro 2 offers decent performance regarding sound quality and excellent battery life, but the brand needs to focus on grip and comfort, too, especially for the buds, which are priced at 13,999/-. Budget earbuds, like OnePlus Nord Buds, are more comfy and value for money. Overall, if you want to experience ANC and premium segment buds, then only dare to invest in OnePlus Buds Pro 2.



Battery Life


Comfort and Grip





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