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Imagination Station

There is something about cryptocurrency which has always been intriguing, alluring, and still complicates the minds of ordinary souls, hindering mainstream adoption. There is a comparison drawn between when the internet was born and when cryptocurrency was beginning to unfold. Still, the worldwide web was much simpler to comprehend, and its usage and practicality could convince a blacksmith also, and till today the world of
crypto bounces off many foreheads.

We traced the journey of crypto billionaires, who had secured their seats before the crypto flight took off. There are many exciting stories of people who paid for pizza through bitcoins, and today, it’s worth millions. Anyone who had invested $100 in 2009 could be sitting on a Rolls Royce Phantom today parked in his Beverly Hills mansion and still would have millions to spend. It would be worth almost US$ 48 million today. Phew!

If you are done imagining things that could have been done with that much money, let me have your attention back because the train had left the station in 2009. Take solace with folks who bought cryptocurrency and died with their next of kin having no idea about their inherent lost wealth. We have researched well into what happens to cryptocurrency investment when one dies. Turn to page 34 for answers to that.

On another trivia, have you ever observed any 12 or 13-year-old Instagram accounts? They don’t post, only stories. Gen Z uses Instagram as Snapchat. One possible reason is that they are a much larger insecure bunch, insecure from society and their immediate family. Perhaps future technologies and startups can be based on this simple observation and should adjust their products and services to this behavioral change coming up. Maybe your next train to the Beverly Hills mansion?

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