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I recently met with a family friend in his 50s who has been living in Frankfurt for the last 15 years. He is successful and wealthy and sold his tech startup company for USD 80 million. I inquisitively and with great expectations, asked him what next, meaning what would his next project be; he took me to the back of his villa, opened the garage and showed me the kitted-up BMW 1250 GS and the Lamborgini URUS. Thinking that he was starting something in the automobile space and another Tesla-type idea asked him if he could share, and I could invest my 2 cents early on and be involved in it. Smilingly, he said he would be simply just riding and driving in different parts of the world until it was time for him to take the last flight. To hell or heaven that he was not sure. That’s what travel does; it frees your mind and soul, makes you look above the rat race, and makes you slow down and ask deep questions. Let’s not get too deep or dig into this spiritual side, but there is no better example to welcome to our travel issue.

It’s said that people who spend on experiences rather than material belongings are relatively happier. Travelling is experiencing our surroundings. Our travel experiences acquaint us with newer adventures shaping our personality. Popularly said, the journey is sometimes the whole  experience to a destination. Our work involves travelling to beautiful earthly destinations and exploring technology, automobiles and lifestyle through our encounters. Adhering to the spirit of expeditions, we cover how big is India’s travel and tourism industry. An article about building life experiences through travel and a tech backpack itinerary essential for your next life expedition is explained in detail. From planning beforehand to the best roads for a trip in India and the most exotic travel destinations, our travel issue is a world of experience through words.

Happy Halloween to all the international folks; we articulate spooktober’s scariest movies of all time. Turn pages at your own risk! Speaking of horror, the 5G spectrum network is a reality in 12 Indian cities. We welcome fast internet connectivity in India while giving you a glimpse of the techiest cities in the world with 5G networks. If you’re wondering about the emerging trend in the travel and tourism industry, upcoming highways, or extreme destinations to travel across the globe, we have you covered. Aditya Seal and Karan Kundra give us exclusive insights into their journey and tech. Gaming is another trend demanding loads of our attention, and Acer Predator Helios 300 fulfils that desire in a neat, revamped RGB-lit avatar. Speaking of RGB, our explained series makes it easier to understand the world of RGB you’ll soon witness with Diwali later this month. We also reviewed the highly awaited Samsung Z Flip 4, Motorola Edge 30 Fusion and Asus’s dual touch-screen marvel, the Zenbook Duo.

We also continued our fusion of blending tech, and automobiles and lines are blurring already between them. We took the common factor of the OLED tech and mapped the Mercedes Maybach S class and LG’s G2 OLED Evo Gallery edition. Check out our sumptuous take on these beauties. Premium TVs are the talk of the town, and our curated list of the most expensive TVs will have you checking your bank account more than once. Although some things provide the pleasure of travel with the performance you desire in a relatively affordable range, like the Hyundai Venue N-Line. From ancient travelogues to beautiful Indian villages, wake up your inner traveller with some exciting travel movie suggestions and enjoy our travel edition like you enjoy your beers at OktoberFest 2022. Bon Voyage!

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