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Love playing games on your smartphone? A wireless controller works best with these!

Mobile gaming has a loyal fan following around the world and many gamers are exclusively dedicated to their smartphones. While most games offer a seamless experience when played using the touchscreen, there are many that perform best when played with a wireless controller. Following is a list of games that maximize their performance with a wireless controller.

1. Grid Autosport

Grid Autosport is probably one of the best games on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It not only offers console quality graphics on your smartphone, but also offers a realistic racecar driving experience. As the name suggests, the game revolves around racing cars around close-circuit tracks around the world. It features over a hundred licensed cars and tracks, making it a must-have for racing sim enthusiasts as well as automobile fanatics. Grid Autosport offers the most realistic driving feeling possible on a smartphone and works best when played with its inbuilt controller support. It is a paid app, though the first purchase unlocks all content, including some bonus DLCs.

Image: Google Play Store

2. Real Racing 3

If you wish to play a racing game with your wireless controller but are unwilling to shell out money, Real Racing 3 is a free alternative. It too offers console quality racing experience and features hundreds of licensed cars and racetracks. However, Real Racing 3 has certain in-app purchases that you can make to progress faster in the game, while its racing dynamics is not as on point as Grid Autosport. Still, its online multiplayer feature allows you to race against your friends and compete for the fastest time, making it a worthwhile app to pass time with.

Image: Google Play Store

3. Shadowgun Legends

Fans of the first-person shooter (FPS) genre will be overjoyed by playing Shadowgun Legends with their wireless controller. Set in a futuristic and fictional world, the game revolves around the player hunting down aliens and “bashing some skulls.” A free-to-play app, it can be played with up to three other players and offers complete controller support. Shadowgun Legends is a must try for gamers who have played Virtua Cop 2, CounterStrike or Quake in the past.

Image: Google Play Store

4. Minecraft

Minecraft has been around for a long time and has garnered a massive global fanbase. Its pocket edition for the smartphone offers the same joy of Minecraft with the pleasure of having it in your pocket! Players can roam around a vast universe; building, breaking, hunting, running and laughing along the way.’

Image: Google Play Store

5. Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight is an authentic aircraft simulator that lets you live your dream of becoming a pilot. Available as free-to-play, the game offers a realistic flying experience, that is further enhanced with a wireless controller. Players can select their choice of airport to take off from and land on, though its full features are locked behind in-app purchases. The full version of the game offers multiple weather conditions, global airports, Air Traffic Control (ATC) mode and a lot more.

Image: Google Play Store

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