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Mrunal Panchal | Beauty | Influncex’20

Mrunal Panchal Beauty - Exhibit Magazine India

Ex: Tell us about a change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey? How has this space evolved?

Mrunal: Digital Blogging has evolved drastically. Now, it has become more personal and organic rather than just talking about the product as you are promoting it. Nowadays, it connects the audience to the product rather than just talking

Ex: Can you give us an insight into social media platforms that only an Influencer can know?

Mrunal: According to me all someone needs to know is what their strong points are and that needs to be backed up with consistency. I feel consistency along with working on what you’re good at makes you relevant.

Ex: What would be your calling in a parallel universe? (Alternate career options)

Mrunal: Doctor.I know it sounds weird but yeah this is true as I was studying medical prior to this

Ex: If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 gadgets you’d take along?

Mrunal: My phone, laptop, and my makeup (for sure) even though it’s not a gadget but it’s my lifeline.

Ex: A technology you wished you’d invented?

Mrunal: A gadget which can do your makeup for you!

Ex: What’s been your favorite encounter with a fan so far? (DMs included!)

Mrunal: There are a lot of Dms I get from my fans and my well wishers where they praise my work and motivate me which sure keeps me going. Can’t name one, but all these things make me emotional and motivated.

Ex: Social Media is known to expose vulnerabilities, with influencers being at the epicenter. How do you deal with the dark side that comes with the medium?

Mrunal: There are positives and negatives of everything and everything is about perspective. I always accept constructive criticism and well, we all just have to evolve.In short, it depends on how you take it.

Ex: What does success mean to you?

Mrunal: When you make the people who love and support you proud and happy, and a smile on my family’s faces.

Ex: Do you think Influencer Marketing is a fad? Where do you see this space in years to come?

Mrunal: Influencer Marketing, I feel is the best option because you reach out to people personally as the audience connects more organically with their favourites (influencers) rather than traditional marketing.

Ex: When was the first time you bought your dream makeup product and which one was it?

Mrunal: It was in 2019 when i bought it from my earned money and it was James Charles Palette 

Ex: What would you tell young girls when it comes to ideals of beauty that our society has set up?

Mrunal: Focus and love what you do. Because if you love what you do it will be automatically visible in your work and just be patient and keep the faith.

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