CA Sakchi Jain Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

CA Sakchi Jain Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

CA Sakchi Jain 

@casakchijain | Your Finance buddy 

Q1. How did @casakchijain come into the world of content creation?

From the outset, I had a strong desire to establish my personal identity and contribute meaningfully to others’ lives. After becoming a Chartered Accountant, I started to find a path aligned with my interests and aspirations. It was during this time that the idea of becoming a content creator resonated with me. Not only would content creation allow me to express my creativity, but it also presented an opportunity to offer guidance and support to individuals on their financial journeys. With a natural inclination towards creativity and a passion for helping others navigate the complexities of finance, I saw content creation as the perfect avenue to pursue my goals and make a positive impact in the world.

Q2. Do you see FinTech as a growing genre?

I believe that fintech, which stands for financial technology, is really taking off and changing how we deal with money worldwide. In India, it’s growing fast, too, thanks to support from the government and regulators. They’re focused on making sure everyone, especially those in rural areas or with different needs, can access banking services easily. Fintech companies are making banking more convenient and offering new, specialised products that people really like. Especially in a country like India, where we have a lot of young people, fintech is booming. With mobile banking and digital payments, even those who don’t have access to traditional banks can still send money, pay bills, and save money online. I think fintech will keep growing because it’s making banking easier for everyone, and with new technology and changes in how people use money, there’s always room for more innovation.

Q3. What financial advice would you give to your younger self 

If I could offer advice to my younger self, I would start by stressing the importance of understanding the difference between saving and investing. While saving money is important, simply keeping it in a savings account may not be enough to beat inflation. I would urge my younger self to start investing early, even with small amounts, to ensure that my money grows over time and stays ahead of inflation. Next, I would focus on instilling good financial habits. Budgeting and tracking expenses are crucial for understanding where money is going and how to save effectively. Additionally, I would remind myself not to spend on unnecessary things just because I see someone else using them. It’s important to prioritise needs over wants and stay focused on my own financial goals. Lastly, I would also stress the importance of investing in education and continuously seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Q4. Cash or Cashless transactions – what’s your choice?

I think using cards or digital payments is usually better for me. It’s easy and safe to pay without carrying cash around. Plus, I can keep track of my spending online, which helps me stay organised. But sometimes, I still like using cash. It feels more real and helps me control my spending, especially for small purchases. So, while I mostly prefer cashless payments, I still see the value in having cash handy for certain situations.

Q5. As we look back on Exhibit’s 18-year anniversary, how do you see the content creation journey has evolved over the years?

Nowadays, content creation isn’t just a hobby, it’s a career for many people. It’s incredible how much power content creators have to influence others and build personal brands. I believe that content creation is one of the best ways to connect with people and share your message with the world. Content creation has flourished over the years. It’s not just about sharing information anymore, it’s become a powerful tool for building communities, sparking conversations, and making meaningful connections. I believe that content creation has the potential to transform lives and inspire positive change.  One thing I’ve noticed is the shift towards authenticity and relatability in content. People want to see real, genuine stories and experiences that they can connect with on a personal level. This has led to a rise in micro-influencers and niche content creators who have a loyal and engaged audience. Another trend I’ve observed is the increasing demand for interactive content experiences. Whether it’s through live streams, interactive polls, or virtual events, audiences are looking for opportunities to actively engage with content and creators in real-time actively. In the past, people used to consume long-form content, but now, things have changed. Short reels and quick videos are becoming increasingly popular because they provide knowledge and entertainment in just 60 seconds. They’re easy to digest and perfect for our fast-paced lives. Additionally, podcasts have emerged as a dynamic form of content creation. Overall, content creation has become more accessible and inclusive than ever before. It’s no longer just for the elite or privileged few; anyone with a passion and a voice can make an impact through content creation. 

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