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The Magical Aura of Nora

Nora Fatehi Interview - Exhibit Magazine

While enamoring the world with her mystical moves and magical grace, Nora takes us straight to 2099 to give us a glimpse of how she will be rocking it in the future. Apart from dazzling the world with her dance moves, Nora is also set to take over the music world with her entry into International singing soon.

In conversation with Arshi Naqvi, Nora reveals the source of her magic, but also showed that she is only a human, by revealing her humorous side.

Arshi: You’ve recently reached another milestone by crossing 16 million followers on Instagram, tell us how do you keep your followers stay connected with you & what kind of responsibilities come along with it?

Nora: I have my format which I have been using since day one. I keep them genuinely entertained and I don’t use provocative tactics to do that. I post quality pictures, comedy videos for a good laugh, and amazing dance videos to get people up their feet and join whatever dance challenges are out there. I continuously create real content for my followers both on Instagram and YouTube. I use both Instagram and YouTube as a platform to showcase my crazy fun personality and my artistic traits. I keep things visually appealing and classy. I maintain good and inspiring vibes.

The lockdown period for me was lonely and annoying. I’m a very active person so I can’t stay locked up in Isolation for so long. However, what kept me positive was the planning of my future projects with my international team on FaceTime.

Arshi: Speaking of social media, your version of the WAP challenge is taking all over the internet. Everyone loves this humorous side of yours. We’d like to know the inspiration behind it? Is this somewhat relatable to the bond between you & your mom?

Nora: The inspiration for my comedy is always my life experiences. I know all brown families can relate we all have these experiences in our lives and I think it’s great I can showcase it to my followers to be more relatable to my audience.

Arshi: You’ve had one big hit after the other when it comes to music videos. Are there any plans to take over the Bollywood movies more or maybe web series?

Nora: Of course, the plan is to take over everywhere both the movie industry and the music industry. After acting in Batla house and Street Dancer I have signed a few more acting projects and working on my international singing career simultaneously.

Nota Fatehi Magazine Shoot - Exhibit Magazine India

Arshi: Now that we’re getting used to the new normal, tell us how was the lockdown period for you, what kept you positive & what was that one thing that you missed during that period?

Nora: The lockdown period for me was lonely and annoying. I’m a very active person so I can’t stay locked up in isolation for so long. However, what kept me positive was the planning of my future projects with my international team on facetime. And of course, I did use the time to learn new things like cooking new dishes. I missed my family and friends. I also missed traveling which I have been doing non-stop for the last 2 years.

Arshi: Staying home, what new things have you learned?

Nora: I learned how to cook a few Indian and Moroccan dishes.

Arshi: Do you have any fitness apps/gadgets that help you keep track of your fitness regime?

Nora: No, I don’t have any fitness apps or gadgets. But I use YouTube to search for new dance videos that I can learn from at home.

Nota Fatehi Magazine Shoot - Exhibit Magazine

Arshi: What makes you laugh no matter what?

Nora: I have a bunch of hilarious friends and whenever we catch up on a call or even when we meet its a laugh riot.


  • A gadget / App which is keeping you connected?
  • Instagram keeps me connected and so does facetime
  • If you had to give 3 fitness tips to a novice, what would they be?
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated
  • Chose an activity or sport you enjoy to stay active
  • Love your self and don’t look up to social media fitness standards
  • The most expensive gadget you’ve gifted yourself?
  • My phone would be the most expensive gadget I’ve gifted myself. I might buy myself a mac book very soon.
  • What would be your superpower?
  • My superpower would be to control the future
  • Television show you’ve binged on recently?
  • Fauda is a Netflix show I binged on recently
  • What do you first notice about someone when you meet them?
  • I notice their energy immediately
  • If you had to describe yourself in a hashtag:
  • #savage


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