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Anunay Sood – Influencer of the Month

Influencer of the Month / Anunay Sood

Exhibit: What does travelling mean to you?

Anunay Sood: Travelling in my life does not hold a specific meaning as it is impossible for me to ever fit what it means to me in words. Rather I would say travelling is what defines a major element of my existence and gives me a way ahead in life. I owe all my confidence to each and every journey that I have ever taken as a traveller.


Ex: Can you describe your worst travelling experience?

AS: Though there’s no worst experience in travelling, every journey either gives us happy memories or teaches priceless lessons. However, one experience that I can never forget is this one time when we were travelling back from Spiti in 2017 in an endeavour car. It lost control and fell into a ditch in one of the remote areas. We were lucky enough to escape and save ourselves from the devastating state of the car, and the entire experience still gives us chills down the spine.


Ex: Since you have travelled to a lot of places, what is that one place in India you wish you had visited but didn’t get enough time for?

AS: As a traveller, I haven’t honestly explored a lot of planes, most of my trips are to the mountains and hilly regions. So this year, in March, I visited Jaipur with one of my friends and was left spellbound looking at the heritage and beauty of the place. We just had 2 days there, so I wish I had enough time to explore more in Jaipur.


Ex: What is your favourite memory of a place?

AS: My favourite memory is from our trip to Iceland, as that trip was very close to my heart for multiple reasons. I had saved for almost one year to take that trip, and the entire experience was surreal.


Ex: Since places are made up of people, what is the one place you visited that had the most interesting set of people?

AS: I met the most interesting set of people in Norway. The people in Norway were so humble and welcoming that, for once I forgot that I had come to a new place for the first time.


Ex: People travel in their free time usually; what do you do in your free time or, to put it across better, what are your hobbies?

AS: I honestly don’t get free time with all the travel, work commitments and content creation, but anytime I am able to find some time, I love to play the guitar and spend some amazing time with my nephew and niece as it is a delight to see them grow.


Ex: What gadgets do you use while making a vlog?

AS: I use my Sony α7S III camera, iPhone 13 Pro and a microphone plugged into my gear.


Ex: Give us some tech tips on making content?

AS: Always record in 60fps so that the visual control of altering the content in terms of speed and transition remains in your hands while editing.


Ex: What are the apps that help you while travelling? 

AS: One amazing app is Star Walk, and it helps me spot stars every time we plan to stargaze on a trip. Other than that, Google Maps with offline downloaded maps is the best travel partner on any road trip. Lastly, I love “make my trip” to make all the travel bookings hassle-free.


Ex: What are the necessary gadgets that you keep with yourself while travelling?

AS: My drone, camera with all the lenses, battery backups, mobile gimbal and shot stick.


Beaches or mountains? – Mountains

Train or Flight – Flight

Best travel destination? – Iceland

Next place you want to go? – Antarctica

Places with the best food? – I have travelled around the world, but trust me nothing is better than Indian street food.

Longest distance you have travelled in a go? – 17 hours drive to Srinagar – in one go.

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