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Become a Morning Person with These Lifestyle Changes

Become a Morning Person with These Lifestyle Changes

Several factors play into whether you’re a morning person or a night owl. Societal pressure to “not be lazy” affects the narrative around why and how you should be spending your days. It is important to maintain a good sleep schedule that caters to your needs and no one else’s. This means that everyone’s sleep cycle will be different, depending on factors beyond their control. Many people also get frustrated by their night owl tendencies and observe lower energy levels during the day. 

These lifestyle changes are the best ways to reverse and change your sleep schedule. It may seem like a morning routine needs to be maximised to match a famous entrepreneur but there are several ways in which you can discover what works for you. 


Set a melodic alarm

Research suggests keeping alarms that emanate sounds that you prefer – a rhythmic song you like or an instrumental natural sound – reduces sleep inertia. Sleep inertia is the grogginess you might experience when you initially wake up. The sound of your alarm can directly affect how you feel when you wake up. Thus, changing it to a sound that eases the process of waking might benefit your schedule. Getting accustomed to the same time with the same tune will help your body prepare. 


Let in natural light

The sun’s role in different aspects of our lives is highly underestimated. One of them is to naturally wake your body up into a state of alertness. Facing the natural light of the sun calibrates your internal clock into realising it’s time to be awake and more active. This can also help your body understand the difference in the evening and recognise when to sleep. The best way to maximise this is to take a walk or sit outside with your morning drink of choice. 

Eating a balanced breakfast 

One of the main reasons waking up at an appropriate time is so important to your body is breakfast. Breakfast should be a fulfilling meal rich in nutrients to get your body energised and ready. More than that, skipping breakfast is not recommended as it can be detrimental to your health. Have your drink of choice with breakfast, like coffee, tea or juice to savour your meal. 

Get moving 

Simple stretches in the morning will do the job. Exercising immediately after waking up isn’t the ideal way to start the day for many people but your body requires some stretches. This will help it get energised. However, physical activity can improve your cognitive abilities and blood flow. Many activities, like walking your pet or meditation, will suffice and give you some self-care time to begin the morning. Indulging in a self-care routine also heightens your mood. Try some of your favourite activities to start the day on a good note. 

Scheduling your day 

Writing down a list of personal and work or school-related objectives can help you keep track of everything. It can also create a sense of achievement and how productive you are. The activities also slip from your mind often and so having a schedule will remind you of the same. Prioritising certain tasks to ensure they are completed in time and also making time for breaks is the ideal balance. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this task. Making your goals realistic and having a clear vision is the best way to go about it if you struggle with disorganisation. 

“Make each day your masterpiece.”

 — John Wooden, Head Coach of UCLA Bruins

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